LEMURIAN SCROLL #3 FOR ADEPT SOULS “Codes Of Creation To Ascend” Represented by Phillip Elton Collins This final Lemurian Scroll #3 is for we adept souls who chose to come back into this dense 3D frequency to assist in the evolution of humanity. This scroll is all about applying/being what has been learned in order[…]

  OBSERVING THE HAND OF HIGHER REALMS (In The Creation Of The United States Of America…) By Phillip Elton Collins in concert with St. Germain Many of the creators of The Constitution of the United States were profoundly aware that the document was divinely inspired and that its principles and reality often moved beyond the[…]

Coming Home To Your Beingness Given By The Beings of Cosmic Consciousness Received By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network   Dear Beloved Human Beings, being human and beyond, We are the Beings of Cosmic Consciousness and our eternal home is the Askashic Records, The Halls of Wisdom containing all knowledge. Our Earthly home[…]