Divine Inner Essence  ~ St. Germain and Sananda

Channeled by Phillip Collins

As we continue to power through the acclaimed year 2012, let us now focus on the inner powers we possess that can and will support our ascension process into a higher frequency of existence: One of equality, harmony and balance. Having been human, the ascended master realms are a Logo_NoBg150precious source of support within our personal process that can lead to our ascension. Today we shall call upon the Christ Conscious energies of Beloved St. Germain and Sananda, with Phillip of The Angel News Network.

Phillip: Thank you for being with us again at this crucial time in our evolution. We are just beginning to comprehend your eternal love and support within our process. What exactly is happening with the energies we are receiving now? And we’ve been told in the past that America has a “Heart of the Planet” role in all this…leading us to our next Golden Age…

St. Germain & Sananda (G&S): Sacred, cosmic energies are being intensified throughout the planet through what is called Ascension Dispensation. You are receiving these daily and they efect everything that is happening in your world now.

Phillip: How exactly does this work and why is it happening?

G&S: There is a Comic Light that is entering the atmosphere of Earth. It is your destiny that this happen now. It is dissolving and consuming all the destructive activities created by man-not-so-kind. This Light will create some pleasant and not so pleasant results as the planet clears and cleanses Herself from your abuses. This will appear in natural and weather events as well as the activities of humanity. You have recently seen some, and more can come if awareness does not

Phillip: How does this affect individuals?

G&S: The planetary process taking place can also take place within the individual as you clear and cleanse what caused the external events (cause and effect) of the past and present. It’s all about awakening your consciousness of self and knowing how it affects others, Dear Ones.

Phillip:This has also been called Personal Processing.

FlameG&S: Yes, as individuals take more responsibility for self, and accept with compassion how they choose to learn, and make new choices, a greater connection to their I AM PRESENCE can be gained and reflect out…we call this aspect of self DIVINE INNER ESSENCE… the name of this teaching.

Phillip: Please further explain this new term for many…Inner Essence.

G&S” The Inner Essence is a connection of your Higher Self Light to the higher mental body to the physical nervous system ; allowing Being to become doing. This Inner Essence pulls power all around the person, a shield, creating an ‘atmosphere’. This allows a limitless creation of good for self and all.

Phillip: This sounds like a Super Man that can do anything?

G&S: There can be no failure with those accepting this ‘light tool’, only doubt can stop it You merely have to call it forth and know and trust you are worthy for it to work. This is a major part of your Self Mastery you are in process learning. When you fully know it, you can and will ascend as we.

Phillip: How does this ‘tool’ affect bad people doing bad things?

G&S: If a person seems to be not doing the right thing; be not concerned, Dear Ones. We know this is difcult for you. The doing of right requires the right use of The Inner Essence Light. If a person chooses not to do right, Cosmic Law dictates that a stronger someone else will be created to be and do good for all. There are Universal and Cosmic Laws that you will soon come to know that requires none of your present punishment and man-made laws. The Universe works in perfect balance for a reason and these laws are why. More and more you will learn these Universal Laws and how to apply them.

Phillip: Please further explain what seem like a cosmic balancing.

G&S: When someone effects WE THE PEOPLE of the planet, trust and know there is always an Inner Essence created to fulfill the need.

Phillip: I don’t quite understand how this happens. It seems like magic.

G&S: It all comes from your Lightworker3sacred I AM PRESENCE, (the divine eternal portion of you that always knows what to do), and We Ascended Beings supporting you. Divine Inner Essence guides the healed me consciousness into the We Consciousness of World Service. This has never failed you, Dear Ones.

Phillip: Please go on, I think I am beginning to get it…

G&S: If humanity only fully understood the power of their I AM PRESENCE and DIVINE INNER ESSENCE that can assist you in loving and supporting yourself and one another. It allows a Mighty Self Mastery of the wounded self that finally frees you, Dear Ones. Wait till you see more of it fully in action!

Phillip: How does this Self Mastery work?

G&S: Healed consciousness enters the emotional, mental and physical bodies of humanity to shift the actions of self out into the world.

Phillip: From your point of view, how does all this look?

G&S: You cannot imagine right now or realize what power lies within you when you work within the We. It has been asleep a long time ,but it is awakening now. When you work within the We, you allow yourself to be free faster of the Me. When you are in World Service, we see you being the glorious God-Within Beings you are!

Phillip: Why are the Americas important right now?

G&S: The Americas (North and South) contain one quarter of the planet’s crust. Within these14797031062_4cbe0f218f_o geographic areas are wondrous powers and gifts from the past that are going to become part of your heritage soon. These are being protected from the negative forces in 3D. As your consciousness continues to shift, through the ascended realms these blessings will be shared with your world and change it forever. This will involve new abundant sources of energy and financial supply.

Phillip: What has to happen to release these past American powers?

G&S: Humanity must further awake and embrace and receive you I AM PRESENCE and DIVINE INNER ESSENCE in order to receive the past powers secured in the mantle of the Earth. The disconnection from these is what caused the destruction of past Golden Ages. Remember, you are destined to create the final Golden Age. So lessons must be learned for there will be no going back, Dear Ones.

Phillip: How does this affect the entire world?

G&S: As your Divine Inner Essence begins to grow and expand through the Americas, it will reflect out into the rest of the world through resonance , not force. As people take full responsibility for themselves, the Light will grow and become brighter and brighter as the world become a Beings of Light.

Phillip: So all the people are important?

G&S: All the people of the world are essential and destined to come to the Light. It’s just a matter of how and when. The Universe would be incomplete without each and every one of you. People are being healed in greater numbers, for it is your destiny to do so. Many tools from many higher realms, such as the Violet Flame, are assisting.

Phillip: Is there anything that can prevent all this from happening? I know you say it is our destiny.

G&S: Many people feel helpless and hopeless and believe there is nothing they can do. The feeling within them is not strong enough to demand and command God’s Freedom. This reflects their relationship with self not being good or worthy enough. It’s one thing to want change, another in the midst of danger to demand it. This power comes from you Divine Inner Essence, Dear Ones. So until this ability is fully awakened in people they many remain in lack and limitation. You experienced a great deal of this power and awakening during your recent Presidential elections. Didn’t you, Dear Ones? How did that make you feel?

Phillip: It seems people are awakening.

G&S: Yes, consciousness is coming to the American continent and to humanity through how you feel and think about yourself. Through this humanity can become further aware of their Divine Inner Essence, your God- Presence. And through knowing more of the self, know how to use it in the world around you.

Phillip: At the risk of sounding greedy, how else are you helping us?

G&S: There are many transforming and transmuting energies constantly being sent to you to further awaken the Divine Inner-Essence within you that will quicken your Self and Worl72417_165732666787802_324098_nd Mastery. This will allows the creation of a new paradigm world order that will amaze and delight you…all through the expansion and intensification of your Divine Inner Essence that will truly set you free.

Phillip: For those who think this is impossible and unbelievable, and do not understand what you say, what can you say to those now?

G&S: Surrender to not knowing. Stop trying to figuring it out. Hand it over to a higher power. Whether you believe it or know it or not, there are Cosmic Laws that run this Universe, bigger than mankind. How do you think it all stays together, Dear Ones. It requires trust that there is something within you and outside you that is more powerful than you ever realized. And little by little you will begin to accept and understand and know by really looking at the world and universe around you. You cannot call cosmic action into force without it happening. But you must trust and surrender. The lack of this is what caused every past Golden Age to die.

Phillip: Please continue…we need your words…

G&S: The time has come for your freedom. It is expanding daily all around you. You will find the answers within your Divine Inner Essence calling for equality and justice for all….thousands of tools and teachings are coming through again. Can you receive them? Through your Divine Inner Essence and Service to ALL, and our continued assistance your Freedom through your Ascension is assured. Your Self Mastery will then mirror/reflect in the physical world around you and beyond….You are being prepared to be the Ascended Master teachings of the Universe…

Phillip: Thank you beloved Ascended Brothers and Sisters. I am speechless.

Wonders To Come

Ascended Master St. Germain

Channeled by Phillip Collins, Spring 2013

As humanity re-connects more and more with higher realms, and moves further into “We Consciousness” wonderful gifts will be revealed to us. This is how it has always been during the creation of Golden Ages. These ages were never created alone but with the love and support from higher dimensions/frequencies. Let us know the separation from higher sources was the demise of past Golden Ages and the assurance of this permanent one we are creating now.

We shall now preview/review some of the gifts of the existing and new technologies coming to the world of science that will allow humanity to better control the elements, thus fulfill creating a world filled with freedom, equality, and oneness.

MIND SWITCHING: This will enable humanity to engage electronic/digital apparatus through brain waves by the use and mastery of the energy currents flowing through the mind. Our thoughts and emotions have always created our reality. Now we shall understand the brain more through scientific use. We are beginning to see mind-switching in computer phonetic usage and artificial limbs. As we move further into unity consciousness this will grow and expand…

PHOTOGRAPHING HUMAN AURA: Cameras will become so sensitized they will photograph the human aura, our etheric, unseen, non- physical body just outside our physical body. This will allow medical physicians the ability to see the causes of many physical and psychiatric imbalances caused by emotions and thoughts from past and present lives unknown to the patient. The brain wave patterns caused by criminal behavior recorded in the etheric body will also be photographed and the evidence of guilt or innocence will be revealed. This is a preamble of we all becoming telepathic and knowing the truth at all times.

POWER OF MAGNETISM: With the greater understanding of magnetism it will become possible to suspend objects in midair without any form of visible support. This will explain how many ancient structures were built through lavation and magnetism that cannot be built today. New optical development will increase humanity’s exploration of the submicroscopic and atomic worlds. Through the magnification of images methods of transmutation will be created. This is the constructive wisdom of the Ascended Masters revealed. But humanity has to be ready to receive such gifts and powers otherwise it might fall into destructive hands.

NEW FORMS OF TRANSPORTATION: New forms of aero navigation and transportation will be made possible by utilizing an electronic ray played upon the metal of which a vehicle is composed, eliminating the gravitational influences of the planet. This will create a ‘lightness’ similar to helium. Thus objects will rise in complete resistance to gravity. The vehicle can then be powered by safe atomic jets.

COLOR IMAGINARY: Further breakthroughs beyond the present will enable increased clarity and ranges of color tones and values in televisions, and personal devices. Color is a frequency and will further connect us within oneness.

11169811_827739037312430_2725075024507213172_nCONTROLLING WEATHER: Through more advanced satellites orbiting the planet, a new method of studying and mapping weather will cause humanity to realize the need for a central weather control station in order to direct its conditions over the entire planet. This will effect economies worldwide and further create global unity. Through the deeper awareness of weather humanity will begin to understand the thoughts and emotions and actions of humanity that create the weather.

Waterfall on the Road to Hana, Hana Highway, Hawaii, USA.

ADVANCED CYTOLOGY: Within a deeper understanding of plants through grafting and’ seed heart’ science more (arid) areas of the planet will become productive to feed the growing population with less water, concern and effort. The entire plant will become a bread basket… There is meaning, value and purpose in the plans of Source (Earth’s Divine Soul Plan) beyond the intellect and comprehension of humanity on this planet. The above wonders will soon be dwarfed by the still greater wonders to come from higher realms as we maintain and sustain a state of constant expectancy leading into our final Golden Age, forever growing and expanding.

Two Wondrous Way Showers:

Transmuting I Am Christed Light ~ Holy inspired by Jesus, The Christ Consciousness, and Ascended Master Saint Germain

Channeled by Phillip Collins

TempelPIA02139_modestMany of us are aware we are moving from the worn out old to an unknown new. Our planet and ourselves are now being given a most divine gift to awaken to our true selves and purpose in Being (here). To let go of duality and confrontation that have kept us separate far too long. To now join in Oneness and We Consciousness to fully activate our divine soul plans, planet and people alike.

A precious pair of Ascended Masters, who once walked this Earth as we, are vital links to this process of moving from the mercurial me to the wondrous we: Jesus Christ and Saint Germain. As we further awaken more and more is being revealed, beyond our religions and past metaphysical studies as to who these devoted ‘Sons of Source’ truly were and are.

What is the meaning, value and purpose of this divine duos’ actions? WithinJesusandsaintgermain their soul plans and service to Source they ushered in the Christ Consciousness(Jesus) and the I AM THAT I AM higher self presence (Saint. Germain), from the Piscean into the Aquarian Ages. This transition thus activated what has been called the Ascension process of the planet and humanity; moving into a higher frequency of existence. In effect this allowed the integration of the I AM presence with the Christ Consciousness No man nor other being can now shut this unified portal. This is a balancing of personal and planetary karma. It is our divine birthright for this event to take place now. Let us fill our hearts with gratitude that we have all chosen to be here for this glorious application of Creation.

Saint Germain has had many extraordinary incarnations/embodiments on this planet always assisting humanity in ascending onward. Please see the studies within THE SEVEN SACRED FLAMES for a complete understanding of them all. In the 11th Century B.C. he was the prophet-priest Samuel in Israel, and as the ‘sponsor’ in creating the United States of America, he is belovedly known as “Uncle Sam, where he brought forth the twelve (tribes) star systems that seeded Earth revealing each ones true mission as light bearers in service to Source. The recreation of paradise (Oneness) on Earth through the Word (Consciousness) becoming density was/is the mission of Earth, the Lover-versity of the Universe.

Through the combined teachings of Jesus, The Christ Consciousness and Saint Germain we can know our higher Christ self as our True Real Self as we heal our wounds and ego defenses, and negative karma from past and present lives. Through the Law of Transmutation utilizing the Christ Consciousness and I AM presence humanity worldwide is being given the opportunity to become free of false prophets, false pastors, false gurus and false Christs in our religions, governments and corporations. Thus, through the intentions and energies of Ascended Mastership, and The Christ Consciousness the TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE by the spoken Word. The Word that can be expressed through prayer, meditation, and mantra. Even the sacred frequency AUM (OM), the universal sound and syllable of the Divine Mother, that represents and balances all chakras, can employ light workers and way showers to assist our Ascension.

Saint Germain and Jesus, The Christ Consciousness, are quite simply and clearly teaching and reminding us the SECOND COMING is within each one of us as one’s Holy Christ Higher Self. If the Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindu and all others can know and accept this truth, Peace can come to this world!

Let us reveal and stop the often hidden forces that keep humanity pitted against itself for profit and greed. The solution lies within ourselves, not outside. It’s now forever present through the Christ Consciousness and our I AM Presence. No one, and no -thing can take this away from us. Are we ready to wake up and claim our divine power? And know I AM God in me is –the Way, the Truth and the Life.

We would like to leave you with this visualization and powerful tool… always see yourselves holding your right hand in the hand of The Christ Consciousness and holding your left hand in the hand of Saint Germain. Call upon these wondrous Way showers of Truth any time day or night, holding each other’s hands. These miraculous masters will never leave you as long as you remain true to the Cosmic Laws of Truth, Life, Love and Oneness and the Inner God within you, I AM THAT I AM.