At Present
From The Ascended Master Energies

Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network


Dear Beloved Human Beings,

We who once walked upon the surface of this planet like you do now (and have chosen to ascend to a higher frequency existence which is your destiny also) come to you at this crucial time within your evolutionary process. We have 185783_559956044032127_159130688_nneither intention nor ability to interfere with your freedom of choice or will but come to you with a higher perspective view. From our advantage point you can choose to make new decisions or not. Much of what you are experiencing has to do with the origin of the human species on this planet, and the healing process that is taking place at this time. Many of your higher aspects have been shut down in order to attempt to maintain control but this is shifting at present.
If you so choose it is time to wake up and become aware of the ancient hidden forces (with no national, political, or religious boundaries) attempting to control what they did not create on this planet. This attempted control for eons has kept you in duality, separation and confrontation. Their game plan is to create chaos from events they create in order to keep you from knowing the truth of their existence. Often times these hidden forces are within your present governmental and leadership roles. Please remember dear fellow humans you ultimately cannot control what you did not create. This cosmic law will allow you to escape and move beyond the events you are currently creating. If you so choose, accept and know the truth of what we have repeatedly brought you through the ages.

Since your planet is experiencing the final cycle of its ascension process of moving from a carbon based, dualistic, existence, returning to the love and light from whence we all came, we are receiving dispensations from galactic and universal forces to further assist you. If it resonates from your sacred hearts, call upon us to guide and support you.

Remember dear humans, you have chosen to learn the way you are learning and you can make other choices at this time by knowing the truth will set you free. Through the consequences of your learning process, you are creating unified fields of love and support for one another: learning what is through what is not.

Know You Are Loved and Supported,
The Ascended Master Energies.