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Phillip Elton Collins is a teacher, healing arts Light Ascension Therapist, conscious multi-higher realms channel, former journalist, ad man, author/poet, film maker and co-founder of the Angel News Network, and Modern Day Mystery School.

Phillip’s books include: Coming Home to Lemuria: An Ascension Adventure Story (being adapted into a stage play and screenplay), Sacred Poetry and Mystical Messages: To Change Your Life and the World (116 original poems and twenty Inner Earth messages), Man Power God Power (a volume of higher-realm teachings), The Happiness Handbook: Being Present Is the Present (Phrases of Presence to Set Us Free to Be…Happy), Activate Your Soul Plan: Angel Answers & Actions, God’s Glossary: A Divine Dictionary (A metaphysical reference tool),  DIVINE DISCUSSIONS, Higher Realms Speaking Directly To Us and SAINT GERMAIN’S SEVEN ASCENSION DISCOURSES (higher realm teachings). These books further define the meaning, value and purpose of the author’s life.


Phillip’s journey also includes being the director of marketing for George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic Commercials and the founder of Fairbanks Films International with film directors Ridley and Tony Scott (launching the Apple laptop personal computer with Steve Jobs), and possessing extensive account management and creative advertising experience at Young & Rubicam in New York City, and bureau chief for The Tampa Tribune.




Phillip’s soul plan (reason to be here) combines these experiences, talents and gifts assisting our planet and humanity into shifting into a new paradigm of love, peace, equality, harmony and balance.

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