Chapter I

Twelve-Star Systems “seeded” plant Earth

Through these systems we gained great girth.

Man Power God Power

Inspired by Archangels Gabriel and Michael, and Ascended Master Saint Germain

In a world where a small percentage of the population continues to control the majority, perhaps it would be helpful to begin a discussion about power. We sense and know the 1 percent cannot and will not continue to control the 99 percent if we are to advance as a species and support the survival of our planet. There are many awakenings throughout the planet demonstrating self-em-power-ment. We all have experienced ourselves abusing power or being abused by it. Our incarnational cycles seem to be a good mix of both. This is how we learn what we came here to learn.


Eye Of God

What is this thing called power? From whence did it come? What is the real purpose of power? Why do we often give our power away? How can we make better uses of God Power that has always lived inside us?

Now is the time to stop our inequality, separation, and confrontation forever by an improved understanding of power and making new choices concerning the constructive use of power and to stop giving it away to others.

You have displaced your power and greatness. You have given yourself away and put yourself in the hands of others. It is time to go inside to find your authentic self, so that you may discover and be whom you are. You can deactivate the old conditioning of the nervous system and retrain it into the beingness of the self” (Archangel Michael, Life Mastery, LM).

The word “power” can excite or frighten us at the same time depending on which aspect of it you are experiencing. “A soon as you choose a figure to be your intervention between you and God to tell you who God is and to act as the intervener between you and God, you’re in trouble” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC). A controlling, untruthful government or religion attempting to control its people scares us and we wish to move away from it. “The earliest forms of religion were the earliest forms of government, the earliest ways of governing people so that you didn’t have chaos. You could control people if you could make them fear God, or fear the king” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC). Does someone else have the power or do you? Man has remained in an infantile state of wanting that unconditional love of someone else to take care of him. Are you giving your power away (a core issue with humanity) to beliefs or morals?

Most religions and governments are based upon a system of morality or moralism. “Moralism is a system that is based upon reward and punishment, right and wrong, good and bad. It’s a system based upon duality; it’s not a system based upon conscience. When you develop a conscience, all individuals are responsible for themselves. They are responsible for their acts. They are responsible for their development through trial and error. They are responsible for their development through their ability to experience remorse and to correct their mistakes and grow and discover from them and move on. They are able to take responsibility for their actions and the consequences of their actions. The consequences of their actions are not punishable, they are responded to. And through the education provided by the trial and error of their mistakes, they learn and grow. They cease to make those mistakes and they become more” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC). And they have not given their power away.

“In a system of right and wrong, a system of moralism, you control people in a system that has only one choice available at any time. And that is the right choice. If you make the wrong choice, you are damned, bad, punishable” (Archangel Gabriel). And your power is taken away.


PIA 04934

“Do not give your power to beliefs. Beliefs are not truth. A belief is a doctrine. Belief is dogma. It creates a limited frozen frame that can never grow. The truth is infinite. It is ever expanding. Do you not think that God, the Creator, is in a process of discovery and expansion all of the time in His infinite knowledge of His being just as you are in a constant process of expansion and discovery of the knowledge of the truth of your being?” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC).

Perhaps power is best defined depending on how it is used. As stated above, power can take many forms. Abuses of power are the destructive uses of power and ultimately destroy, while constructive uses of power create, connecting to its true purpose.

As within the structure of human beings, the primary types of power are emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. These types of power can be electromagnetic, nuclear, chemical, and cosmic/universal. Humanity is not ready to use and be able to control most of these types of power. And we are experiencing the consequences of that lack of knowledge within our current events. Past Golden Ages, particularly Atlantis saw the demise of their civilizations through the misuse of these powers through their separation from where these powers came. The human mind came to believe it was separate from the universe, from God.

As we are beginning to learn with all things, all power is interrelated. Some is dynamic and can release itself, some can be stored and used later, and some is simply static. The two universal types of power are divine, God Power, and human, Man Power.

Cosmic Consciousness

“In the beginning there was the word,” has resounded throughout our religious/spiritual history. The power of a godly-intended word or our spoken or unspoken “thoughtwords” has proven to be the most powerful force in the universe. We think, we feel, we speak and an action is creation. The power of the word has always changed the course of our lives and history.

“You are ready to be the creators. You are ready to be the administrators. You are ready to exercise the power of the God within, but first you must realize that that is so. And the only way you can realize that is coming to peace with the inner workings of your own being and being able to know that reality is so, within your own heart and with the experience of that heartfelt knowing” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC).

Whether constructive use or destructive abuse, we are once again remembering how powerful are our words. We are knowing once again we are creators through our self-em-POWER-ment.

It is easy for us to complicate something that is simple. We do it all the time through our attachments/addictions to drama and glamour. It is more difficult for us to simplify something that is truly complicated. In a further attempt to simplify the understanding of the true nature of power, it is important to know that the components of humanity (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual) are the cause and effect of power. How we “give and receive” power depends on our consciousness. The intention of these teachings is to achieve enough awareness in order to not give your power away to a representative to decide your reality.

Depending upon our ego-defended wounds, our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies become the etheric “networkers of consciousness” as receivers of the charge of power released through an electronic-magnetic network. “We are living in a period of consciousness that breaks down all old forms that are not based upon equality, equanimity, and balance where the highest spiritual good is concerned. Therefore it breaks down all that is in duality. You must first let go and make space before you can build a new house” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC). The further study of alchemy and sacred geometrics can assist in better understanding this network.

Our ability to be conscious (aware) and perceive is the activation point of power’s release/use. Few of us are aware of the degree of power that God has gifted humanity merely through our very consciousness. We actually know we are here, something we take for granted each and every moment. We can ask, “Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?” Other life forms on our planet do not appear to be able to ask these questions. But perhaps they can?

This allows us to reach a deeper understanding of power; to allow the purpose of our life to unfold in order to focus on the activation of our divine soul plans (our purpose in being here).

Ring Nebula

Ring Nebula

It is the intent of the God Powers that created us that we maintain and sustain as much sovereignty over our individual, unique self, as possible. When this happens, and it is our divine birthright that it does, you know the value, meaning, and purpose of the power of self-mastery. “Know thy self” and “to thy own self be true” may be two of the most powerful phrases ever uttered. Although we surely live in a 3-D human consciousness, let us not be victims of it by being “in” it rather than “of” it. You alone can govern your own world through the right use of power through transmuting into self-em-POWER-ment: to be the power to love you and mirror that out into the world; that is the mission of this world.

Throughout the universe, there is a constant exchange/coexistence where the energies of the macrocosm and microcosm do a divine dance as one. We truly are one. Through humanity’s freedom of choice and will, we often find an abuse of this daring dance within humanity. Some individuals watch the abusers of others and then respond with an equal or greater abuse of power. Others often, consciously or not, create destructive thoughts and actions.

“There are extremes of duality acting out in the physical objectification of the world. They are simply mirroring what is going on inside the wounded child inside each and every one of you. What happens is the collective is mirrored in the microcosm. As between matter and spirit, between the inner child and the adult, between the divine feminine and the divine masculine, until soul and spirit are joined together in the physical, you will see duality (the abuse of power) acted out in the world” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC).

Ants Nebula

Let us now list some of the causes and abuses of power (effect) that actually become discharged and stored into our earthly atmosphere and affect our weather, geological activities, and historical events. Humanity like advanced civilizations, will soon become aware of this and better be able to control such events.

People can actually become unknowing agents, in their ignorance, fear, and doubt, of negative qualities and amplify them and discharge them. At first glance, these causes of the abuses of power may seem quite unimportant, but look deeper…

Let’s begin with simply being bored; this is a detached state of being where everything seems somewhat hopeless and the individual cannot see beyond his or her own “narcissistic me” into higher realms of existence. In this state of giving your power away (a core issue for humanity), the life force weakens and other forces can enter and control you. When humanity knows that life is governed by the order of the universe or governed by higher realms, we are going to be capable of using our God Power.

Secondly, there is unhappiness through a lack of ownership and self-deceit and denial of the deceit. Thus, an individual’s dissatisfaction is created. These people wish to blame and shame and judge others rather than taking responsibility/ownership for their own lack and limitation. This often occurs on an unconscious level and creates future imbalances of positive energy/power. Taking ownership of what we create in our lives, thus recognizing our power will set us free from the imbalance and abuse of power.

And do not forget to include the many experiences of fear (an absence of love). The individual is not seeing himself or herself good enough or worthy enough to receive the bounty of life. Some simply withdraw from the world in depression, sometimes becoming anxious. Others may tend toward aggressive behavior and react; terrorism is an extreme expression of this behavior that we are seeing in our world today. “The terrorist is at home in our backyard. He is the inner child who is wounded. That is the terrorist. It is coming closer and closer until you cannot ignore it. It is showing you there is not separation that you are your brother’s keeper. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Love one another as yourself” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC).

The vibration of doubt originates from fear and a lack of self-knowledge/self-mastery that can reflect out to others in one’s life. FEAR, DOUBT, AND IGNORANCE of self and others have been called the “monsters of mankind” and will diminish and corrupt power absolutely.

Needless to say, there are many other reasons for the abuse of power. These stated here are some of the core issues. Simply put, humanity’s abuse of power is usually a result of our ignorance and lack of understanding ourselves and the cosmic laws governing the flow and use of energy. This wisdom will soon be given to us again from higher realms in order to improve our lives and rebalance our use of power. Then through the conscious constructive use of energy, we shall begin to build communities of equality, harmony, and balance, which is our divine destiny as we now enter a final Golden Age. Through Man Power becoming God Power, we shall become free in our final epoch.

Please note the science of karma is intentionally being minimized in this brief discussion of power. It would take another book to explain the cycles of reincarnation that affect the return of abused power to those who misuse it. When humanity further awakens, the interrelationships of karma will be fully understood and applied. The sooner we awake, the better. But please know, dear ones, that karma is a vital element, and as someone once said, “karma can be a bitch (tough way to learn).” Trust and know the universe knows exactly how to balance itself. Someday we shall know this and not need Man Power laws.



During this final two-thousand-year epoch, we shall once again know that all life is one and an abuse or right use of power by all affects all. This final two-thousand-year cycle is the ascension evolution that every solar system and every planet in matter goes through at one point in its evolution. Look up in the night sky; all those stars were once planets like us that have returned to the light. And so shall we…

Beloved Souls, God Power is encoded within the hearts of each of us. The right use of God Power will ensure our freedom from the misuse of Man Power, which has kept us prisoner long enough. Are we ready for not an increase in Man Power but a better understanding of how to use our God Power in order to finally become the immortal beings of light we are?

Place your hand upon your heart, dear ones. With each beat of your heart that you feel, you are experiencing the essence/presence of your God Power flowing throughout you, the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe…the power of your divine soul plan developing…Man Power is ready for its God Power awakening and it has surely begun…


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