HAPPINESS HANDBOOK ~ Phrases Of Presence

by Phillip Collins

1. Being present means joining the light workers and the way showers worldwide and walking through our lives in happiness.

2. Presence knows exactly how to love self right where you are in each present moment, allowing us on a journey into the unknown without judgment or shame.

3. Presence, like divine love, is unconditional.

4. Within true presence, all pain and suffering is an illusion.

4-Happiness-Phrases5. Presence allows us to transmute fear and pain into inner happiness and peace whether or not we are happy.

6. Our presence is our ability to move within and to know the happy self is inside to be brought out, not outside to be brought in.

7. Being present is knowing that the only way we can receive love from another is by giving it to our self first. Are you doing that at present?

8. Our presence knows that our lives may not be becoming exactly what we thought they would. We may be encountering new people and places, just as the old ones are released. Stay open to the possibilities at present.

9. Presence is divine responsibility.

10. All things will eventually return to presence. Presence maintains and sustains all.

11. Our presence knows our life’s purpose is a process of awakening to our purpose. Our purpose lives in the present, waiting to be discovered just by being who we are. Presence knows that everything does not happen instantly, it’s precious, present process.

12. Our presence knows our passion and why we are here. Allow it to tell you and express itself through happiness.

13. Presence is a formless vibration of freedom and the foundation of all life.

14. Through presence we go with the ebb and flow of life, the good and the bad, allowing all things to transform.

2-Happiness-Knowing15. Presence means experiencing change as the only possibility by moving into it.

16. Our presence is the key to unlock our happy future, presently.

17. Presence teaches compassion for planet earth and that all things upon and within earth’s body are interconnected.

18. When we are members of the mind and not present, much of life does not exist; it remains hidden in the mind.

19. Presence knows that we are not separate from ourselves, one another, or the entire world.

20. Our ‘comfort zones’ are not filled with enough presence.

21. Being fully present is forgiving everything and taking ownership of all that you create in order to learn what you need to learn at present.

22. When we can see our thoughts and feel our feelings, we can see the cause and effect in our lives and become present.

23. The most magnificent power there is is contained in presence.

24. Presence knows we need to give and receive in balance within all present moments of our lives.

25. Are some of us still looking into the past and the future and escaping our presence?

26. Our presence allows us to see ourselves in others.

27. Our presence knows who we are in each moment of presence.

28. Being present is knowing that we are not our feelings, thoughts, wounds and defenses.

29. Once we access our presence within us, we become self-mastered and can teach the same to others.

1-Happiness-RandomPage30. Being present is knowing that the only experience of life is in presence.

31. Happiness achieved through presence is not short-lived like most happiness; it lasts as long as we are present.

32. By being present we can accept pain in life as a learning tool, but not suffering.

33. Presence reminds us we are moving through a personal process from wounded child to a healed self-mastered adult.

34. Presence is peeling the onion of the self…deeper and deeper until we hit happiness.

35. When we are not present, it is our resistance that creates pain and suffering.

TempelPIA02139_modest36. Presence is divinely inspired.

37. Presence reminds many intelligent and well-educated people that they can often be completely not present.

38. Most of the acutely negative events in our lives and world are the result of not being present.

39. Being present is waking up from a long sleep.

40. Our life, our beingness, exists eternally within the timeless frequency of the present.

41. Presence teaches us that if we love our self-image and reflect it out into the world, we can change the world.

42. We shall not advance as a species without presence.

43. Presence shows us that life can unfold without unhappiness. Look to nature as the example.

44. In order to be president, you need to be present; this is a new paradigm.3-Happiness-Happiness

45. Remember that your physical body houses your presence; take good care of it.

46. Our presence knows that our presence is enough without having to prove ourselves to anyone in order to be liked or loved.

47. A new you and a new world are created everyday through presence.

48. Being present shows us that being unhappy can be the result of our addiction-based comfort zones, which often stimulate our nervous systems.

49. Being present is seeing the glass as being completely full in each moment of the presence.

50. Being present is knowing that we are here to serve the world through our talents and gifts.

51. Without presence all relationships are imbalanced. Remember that the only relationship we are actually having is the one with the self, which is then reflected onto others.

52. Through presence the mental and emotional body energies run out.

53. Presence contains self-love and our ability to authentically express who we are.

54. Presence lets us know that the choices we make require presence; without presence there is no choice.

55. The purpose of presence is to know that we are the creator.

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