DIVINE DISCUSSIONS ~ Anna, Grandmother Of Jesus ~ Channeled by Phillip Collins

My beloved Children:

What a blessed time it is in your evolutionary path as we come to you as the energies and the frequencies known to you as Anna , the mother of Mary , the mother of all mothers, who I am the mother of, dear ones.

There are more of you on the surface of this beloved planet Earth than have ever been here before, dear souls. The time to join the feminine energy with the masculine energy, the mother with the father, the brother with the sister, the child with the adult, dear ones, has come.

We of higher realms who have also walked upon the body of your Earth and know your feelings and know your physical sensations and know your mental thoughts, dear ones, join you at this blessed time.

We have gone through a process that you know as Ascended Mastership, where we actually goLightbodiesToEarth2 through a transformation and transition into a higher Light Body of existence, Master Ascendership, if you will, in order to be who we have become.

It was a process that combined our incarnational cycles on planet earth. We are now in full fruition of this expression of higher self again, as you know, as Ascended Mastership and the work that we are doing with and for source, God, All There Is. Whatever you choose to call this entity of creation, it has been quite a journey, hasn’t it? Quite a path for you to return to the source from whence you came.

You tried most recently in six beloved attempts, what you might call six past golden ages. They were miraculous and marvelous as we worked with you then, as we work with you now, as we worked with you when we walked on the surface of beloved Earth.

It was the separation from source, from all there is, from God, that created the end, the demolition, if you will, of those golden age civilizations. For the mental body came into play largely through the assertive masculine energy and said, we have a better way. We can do it. We no longer trust that we will be provided for through source. And you lost the connection to the source that we, of the Ascendant Master realms are in service to now and that you are in the process of returning to, dear ones.

We come to you most actively at this particular time for you are in the process of healing this GlobalChoicedivine reconnection with source through the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies, dear children. It is through the balancing of these often misunderstood, misplaced energies called masculine and feminine that you shall have your ticket, if you will, into the higher realms that we provide and reside in at this time.

My incarnational cycles when I walked on the planet, which seem miraculous to you now in your present state of consciousness in three dimensional reality, were the result of my being able to return to my fine light body on a regular basis in order to extend my incarnational physical cycle into what you would call hundreds of years.

I’ve now even transcended that ability and gone into a complete state of immortality, eternalness, if you will, which you are being prepared to do as well, dear ones. But I as a wayshower was in a transitional process, as many teachers were at the time of my walking on planet Earth, and I extended my incarnational physical being through hundreds of years in order to complete my divine soul plan in order to allow me to go into a final, immortal, eternal state of being, which we are in now.

It is a marvelous time to be able to share these messages that have been sentwp4ec866bd_05 to you throughout the eons and millennia. You’ve often denied what we’ve had to say. You’ve often killed the messengers who have brought the truth forward. So we ask you, are you ready now to fully embrace this extraordinary final golden age of your planet?

As you’ve been taught, your planet goes through cycles, and this will be the completed final cycle of your world, as you have known it. It will increase in velocity and vibrational frequencies ever more–ever more as portals, vortices of energy, are opened and activated upon the surface of your planet and within the interior of your planet that will assist you in this process called Ascension.

We wish not to get into the signs and the complexities of it, but it is basically learning how, through the healing of your thoughts and emotional bodies, how to manipulate, if you will, matter–the electrons, the atoms, the electro-magnetic fields of creation–which have allowed you, through your divine service to All There Is, to manifest whatever is necessary to that service, only if is for the highest service of all with no intention to harm.  It is the key ingredient, the key formula of the process, dear ones.

TempelPIA02139_modestWe are now becoming more and more known to humanity—all the players who have laid the foundation as a part of our divine soul plan to make this divine moment, this new paradigm, what some have called we consciousness into oneness, possible. You all chose to be here at this particular moment. Most of the souls who have ever reincarnated on this planet are presently on the planet at this time. Some will stay for the transition. Some will leave. Some will be lost in the middle, dividing into a third, a third, a third, which many of your are aware of.

So we ask you, which do you choose to be? Do you choose to be a part of humanity who knows and participates in the process or chooses not to? It is your choice through freedom of choice and freedom of will, which has been a gift of this planet, which many do not have. Many planets, many solar systems, many galaxies are in the state of, if you will, serving directly in the now divine source. And freedom of choice and freedom of will is not necessary. But since this is a part of your process of reawakening and eliminating the veil between its source and its veil once again, freedom of choice has been a component of your process, dear ones.

We are sensing that you may have some questions that will help the integration of this process called Ascension, our involvement and the involvement of many other realms, for many of you have become aware that it is a multi-dimensional process of inner Earth activities, which many are not aware of, of Archangelic processes, of Ascended Mastership processes, of Intergalactic Federation processes, and, certainly, the processes of the star reams that seeded this particular planet, this solar system and this galaxy which are all interconnected, for all things are. So how may we assist you with any questions that might give you more integration and revelation?

Joel: Let me first say that I’m thrilled to talk with you.

Anna: We, as well, dear one.

Joel: I’ve been reading, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus about your wonderful time on Earth. It’s a powerful book with very moving descriptions of many of your experiences over 600 years of our Earth time.

Anna: Which seems only a moment to us where we are now, dear one, where we are eternally and immortally in the now where there is no time. But we fondly remember that time as well, dear one.

Joel: You were such a nurturing source of support for so many generations, including, of course, your daughter Mary and Jeshua, her wonderful Christ child. I said I wanted to read a passage from the Anna book.

“You are currently in the process of rewriting your past history.” You say in the book that we, essentially, are birthing the Christ in our own lives as Christ was born 2,000 years ago. Would that be an accurate statement of what you said?

FlowersIMG_0472Anna: Yes, the Christ Consciousness energy, not only through the genealogy and chronology of my incarnational cycles, preceded those as well and came through many embodiments throughout humanity, most recently in your (last) 2000 year cycle that was the most recent inspiration. The energy that I was supported by was a combination of the Archangelic and the Ascended Masterships. I was chosen and chose as part of my divine soul plan to bring this lineage into place. I’m presently in the now in all of your hearts, dear ones.

Joel: You may have already partially addressed this by what you just said, but you were such a vibrant force 2000 years ago, and you say you are also that today. What would you say about the role you could play in our lives today for those of us who would turn to you? How are you assisting us now?

Anna: Through inspiration, through a knowing in your mental bodies and your emotional bodies that we actually existed in a format very similar to yours, bringing that story to life during this era where visual communication is so important in your digital ages, where you’re beginning to really personify and see who we were, what our lineage was, how our experiences were very similar to yours. Begin to trust and surrender, dear ones, to our experiences and our processes that were very similar to what each and every one of you travels through in your own individuated personal process.

Joel: We have entered a new 26,000-year cycle in the evolution of consciousness. The date, 12/21/12 received a great deal of attention as the end of the last cycle. Many people expected some major event to occur that they could see and perceive in the third dimension. Since that did not happen, some are disappointed and believe nothing happened. What can you tell us about what, in fact, has happened energetically as we transit from one age to the next?

Anna: Let us reiterate that this is the last 2,000-year cycle of the planet as you have known it. Those who were disappointed were looking outside of themselves for something to happen, for something to shift and change. The process is an interior one from the inside out. Your bodies are being reconfigured and transformed from your carbon based reality into the light bodies, into the crystalline bodies that you have been taught.

This process is monumental. There are processes and shifts and changes taking place in your mental and emotional bodies as well which affect your physical body. Look around your soul family as you love and support one another. There’s chaos outside every major format of your governments, your religions, your corporations, your financial institutions, your education. All are crumbling in preparation from the ashes of the old to create the new.

To say that nothing is happening is simply not being aware and conscious.Whales5 There are tremendous shifts happening in your world in every moment within your leadership and in all of the endeavors that appear to be and think that they are in control of your reality.

Joel: So much of the wisdom in this book is wisdom of the heart. I just asked you a question that relates to the wisdom of the head. Let me end this by inviting you to speak to us from the heart. I see us as your children, so what, mother, would you say to us?

Anna: That mind that you were speaking of has now finally gone back into service to your heart, dear ones. Your heart that knows every aspect of yourself, the experience that you’ve had and how it has been a learning tool for yourselves. A heart that can think that you are learning to connect with and to think with your hearts and allow the ancient wisdom and knowledge within that heart to guide you, to protect you, to lead you, to love you, in order to surrender to source, to surrender to the entities that maintain and sustain every aspect of your being and, most importantly, this heart that is connected, beat by beat, pulse by pulse, moment by moment, to source, dear ones.

Joel: I would like to call you grandmother and say, thank you, grandmother. We love you.

Anna: We love you, too, dear ones, beyond your comprehension and your ability to love yourself. And until you are fully able to embrace the love, the unconditional love that we hold for each and every one of you, we shall hold our love in the realms until that day we unite in oneness and embrace that love together as one.