Coming Home To Lemuria, An Ascension Adventure Story


Several years ago I was led by Inner Earth higher realms to initiate a sacred journey with colleagues to the powerful spiritual vortex/portal of Mt. Shasta, California to serve as proxies for humanity while performing archangelic instructed rituals that would support the ascension of the planet and humanity.


Mt Shasta 9832

This book is a spiritual/historical blueprint of that journey so that those who read the book will become proxies themselves. Each ritual is carefully explained along with the experience of us the first proxies. A stage play adaptation of the book has been created with plans for a screenplay. As a former director of marketing for George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic/Commercials/Lucas films, I see this story as a non-fiction tale more significant than any fiction space fare.

3-Lemuria-ConnectMany sacred journeys are taking place worldwide that support the good of humanity and the planet. I acknowledge everyone who is being and doing ascension work; this is vital for us all. I, too, have participated in other sacred journeys one of which where we were intimated by Syrian Star Masters into the secrets of creation in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The journey you will read about in these pages may be one of many but is also like no others in its current meaning, value and purpose. It is time to share this remarkable event in a larger way showing…

There are many tools, teachings and messages peppered throughout this book that can further assist both you and me in choosing to shift to a higher frequency of existence. Please take them and utilize them if it resonates and discerns for you.

Enjoy the journey….

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