Uriel Message #1:

My First Invitation to Channel

via Trance Channel Jeff Fasano

We come to you as your creator to speak to you at this time. We are a vortexwp4ec866bd_05 of energy created for you moving into the depth and breath of your heart chakra.

We are Uriel to speak to you part and partial upon your divine plan. Divine plan ever emerging into you. It is time to open to the depth and breath of that divine plan. And now to begin to build the fences around the divine plan. Fully emerge yourself into the dedication, the commitment, the intention of that work. Now is not the time to differentiate between that divine plan and what is outside of yourself.

For the next 50 days, mark on your calendar, for this day forward, the time where you will specifically pay attention by building the fence around that divine plan. And now begin to study your divine plan within this next 50 days devote your studying to this divine plan. To uncover all the aspects and ingredients in that divine plan. Now make this your priority, if you chose to.

Let go of the extraneous energies outside of yourself. And only focus on what you need to do in your day to day activities outside of yourself. And your main focus, if you chose, in the next 50 days will be dedicated to your practice. The practice of developing, refining, and defining your divine plan.

Defining the meaning, value and purpose of you, and the meaning, value and purpose of the divine plan. Allow this to come to you, dear one. You should be spending an inordinate amount of time in your practice now.

592260main_blackhole-outflowIt is now time to release any extraneous energies outside of yourself that does not directly coordinate to the revelation of your divine plan. It is now time to connect with these energies directly. These specific energies of the Uriel archangelic realm. Because messages are coming to you at this time.

You can feel the messages, you can see the messages, and you know the messages.

We have knocked at your door often. It is time now to listen. It is now time, dear one to listen to these messages and these energies that are moving through you and coming through you. Now to impart these messages upon the world. Which is why, dear one we ask you to build the fence. To build the fence around your divine plan. Not a place of setting barriers or lines of demarcation but a time where you can now build the fence and hand a sign outside that fence where it says, “men at work.” Because what you are doing, dear one, you are at work.

You are now at work to improve the depth of where you are moving into theart_599 depth and breath of your Heart Space to bring to the world, the depth of the message. You see, dear one in many ways, you get the message, you know the message. But you don’t know the depth of the message.

You know what the message is. “I know what the message is don’t worry, I know what the message is.” But we have knocked at your door once too often, dear one. And we are now opening that door for you. Because we see, dear one that you have been quite reluctant to open that door for yourself where these messages are concerned.

So we ask you, dear one, we suggest that you do, dear one, at this time, open the depth and breath of your soul space, your heart space. And open up to the depth and breath of the Uriel message.

The Uriel message that moves in conjunction with the Michael message that you receive, that you receive quite often. What will come to you through another source, if this divine soul chooses, will be the Rafael message. That is not of your concern. What is of your concern right now Dear One? Because you do have the source of the Gabriel and Michael messages. NOW TO BE THE SOURCE DEAR ONE OF THE URIEL MESSAGE. NOW BE THE SOURCE OF THE URIEL MESSAGE. It is now time for you, dear one to choose this.

wpa5d9a3dfIf in fact you find yourself, dear one, so inclined to remove yourself from it. To remove yourself from yourself. To fully move to a depth and level within. To remove yourself from yourself. To hand that sign on the doorway around that gate that says, “men at work”.

I am now at work on my divine plan. I now sit at my desk from two to three hours each and every day to work on my divine plan. To receive the messages, to import the messages that allow myself and other to eradicate the follies of the mental body, the intellectual mind. The folly that holds them and myself in place on the pursuit of the spiritual journey.

What dear one are the follies that hold you in place. Because you see the follies outside, dear one. It is now time, dear one to build that fence around the depth and breath of your heart space in direct relation to the divine plan and begin to focus your attention and set your intention and commit to this. It is now time to see the folly of the pursuit. What is the folly that you still pursue, dear one? Because when you see this, you will see the folly that others pursue. And you will know this. You will know at this time most pursue the folly. The folly of validation and gratification for which they are. Many dear ones have ceased to pursue the depth and breath of truth.

Archangel Uriel

Uriel Message #2:

Uriel, Yes We Are working Together

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Oh Happy Days! We are delighted with your choice to work with us, dear one. Welcome. There is much work to be done at this most dramatic time of change upon your planet. Much is being revealed to humanity of the many levels of assistance you are receiving, if you chose it. There has never been in the history of your planet such a “concert” of effort from the angelic and star realms. But remember, dear ones, we can only do so much, you have a freedom of will and choice. We cannot and must not interfere. But forces like never before are coming into your world to assist you, at last, to join into oneness. To stop the few controlling the many, if you so choose. Your summerWhales3 will be a most powerful time. We shall see those who chose to move forward and those who do not. Those who do not will no longer receive the assistance of the past times. Our focus is upon the portion of your beautiful planet that chooses to move forward into oneness. The Club of Love, Acceptance, Peace, Unity, Oneness. How does that make you feel in contrast to your planet’s past and present history of separation and war? By the end of your hot summer months, we’ll have all the forces connected to assist in allowing the greatest truth to come forth for you all. To know that you are spiritual beings having a human experience. We have watched lovingly throughout your history as you chose not to love one another, as a collective whole. Now you can see that you are all unique expressions of that whole.

There are many institutions and governments and their leaders that will facilitate this shift. Pay attention to who you put into office, know their true intention, check their background. Reform your “professional” political career structure. Remember it was the private common man that was to go into public office, then return to his private life after servicing his fellow man. Not professional politicians who through generational greed have created your corrupt System. You can change that now, dear ones.

MotherMaryThe feminine energies coming in will assist in balancing the masculine that has created much of your cause and effect. There must be a balance of male and female energies; this has nothing to do with neither gender nor sex. These energies are here to assure that love stays in place. For when the male and female balance it equals love. Then you think with your hearts, which is your true mind, not your brain.

Set aside all fear and resistance as the changes take place. Remember fear is just an absence of the love you’ve needed all along. And love is the glue that holds the universe together. The highest vibration that allows great, creative, loving things to manifest into your third dimensional world.

Don’t worry about how all this will happen. Surrender to the unknown, in the void lays creation and all possibility, in the not knowing the knowing will surely come. There is no need to strive for anything. The divine plan of your planet is unfolding through your individual divine plans. It’s all perfect, dear ones. Fear not, love is on the way to save the day!

Now rest and know the truth of who you are and why you are. It is all being revealed. Relax, love, rest. And listen to that quiet voice within you. It is we speaking to you, guiding many of you. Use your solitude to know the quiet and truth coming forth. You will not find it outside in your world. It lies deep with yourself. It’s been there all along.

Now you know for sure.

Love and Light,


PS: Many of you use forming groups to facilitate the work that needs to be done. State the intention/mission of the group and allow those souls who 14797031062_4cbe0f218f_oresonate within it to appear. Remember change is all there is. Allow your fellowman an opportunity to change or not. Through holding the focus/mission of your groups you will know who the light workers are. Allow all to become so. The history of your planet has excluded most by the few. Don’t fall into that trap again, dear ones. The portion of your planet that is there to be and do the work will just appear. They will reveal themselves soon enough. Know this present truth and be free of your past history.

Uriel Message #3:

Our Planet’s Soul Plan

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings once again from the vortex we call, you call Uriel. For far too long your planet has gone without knowing your divine plan, or should we say, remembering the divine plan of your planet. Quite simply, but not so simplyIMG_0248 for you, the divine plan of your planet is to find the unity, non-separation through all the diversity you find in your world. Have you ever wondered why there are so many different peoples, languages, nations, religions on your planet? Or do you simply just say that’s the way it is and not really know why or ever ask why. It all has to do with how your planet started. It began with many influences from many worlds, many star worlds (not star wars). In fact there is no other planet just like yours, with so many different influences (seedings) in its beginning. Most just take it for granted that’s the way it is. But in fact, it’s quite unique within the universe for a world such as yours to exist. It’s sort of an experiment. An experiment that has not worked very well, very often. But all of that is about to change for your world. There are messengers and messages coming in via our angelic realm and star worlds that “seeded” your planet that are going to allow a portion of your humanity to know the truth and set you free from your past separation from each other.

You are all unique expressions from the same source. Even the different worlds that seeded your planet are from that same source…there’s nowhere else for anything to come from except that source. The creation of your planet was set in force by an energetic intention that would allow you to find the unity via all your diversity.

IMG_0415You all represent the many expressions/versions of “Source.” Your agreement was to find the oneness in spite of your differences. You’ve been struggling with your “agreement” for many eons. That time is coming to an end. The struggle is almost over. Many realize if you don’t accept your differences in order to be one, you won’t survive. You’ve made this mistake before and its not necessary to make it again. You’ve advanced to a stage where you are ready to accept all of you. Include all of you. Love all of you. The only thing standing in the way in the past and present has been you (your relationship with you), not loving yourself enough to love others. It all begins with how you feel about yourself. Someone once said, the only relationship you’re having is the one with yourself. And all other relationships are a “mirror” of you.

The special powerful energies coming into your world now are going to allow enough of you to know the truth of your being to effect the change necessary to move into a world of self-love and oneness. We know this soundsimageneptune_full impossible to most of you. But there are worlds, more advanced than yours where this possibility is a reality. In fact, some of those worlds are assisting you all now. Many know you are divine spiritual beings having this human experience. And that experience is about to become more accepting and loving than ever before. There is no further need for a few of you to control many of you through lies and deceit. Most of you have simply given your power away and allowed it to happen. The walls of power and deceit are about to crumble, dear ones. The few have controlled the many long enough. There is enough for everyone to share and have plenty left over. No need for further greed.

Your divine plan includes knowing this truth and creating a world where these things aforementioned are normal. We are being and doing our part. Are you yours? Together we can change your world where you know how to be and act that creates a loving, safe world for all. This is your world’s true divine plan. And it all starts with each one of you knowing who you are and why you are here, questions never asked in school. But we ask it of you now. There are many messengers and messages that will allow you to answer these questions now. Listen. Be ready to find you and your place in your world.


Uriel Message #4:

Who Are You? Why Are You Here?

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greeting from the energy, the vibration, the consciousness your call Uriel.

Who are we? Why are we here? All Archangelic realms are “bands” of high vibratory forces of energy, thus consciousness. For consciousness is merely concentrated energy and intention, dear ones. Why are we here? To serve mankind as the “keeper of your planet” through the wisdoms, energy and purpose of love. For through love, the highest vibration and energy in the universe you can create the most glorious and joyous world possible.

IMG_0272Only through a lack of love and purpose have you not done this in the past, dear ones.

So as the energy moves from the core of your planet (during your Fall season) out into the universe, moving through your physical, mental and emotional bodies feel our love and intention to remind you who you are and why you are here. To know you are eternal energetic beings having this physical experience in order to learn love of purpose, dear ones.

Today is the birth of one ascended soul who once walked your Earth and knew and understood the power of love of self and purpose. You called him Gandhi. Through Love, not resistance and separation he allowed the greatest military power on Earth to experience love and allow his country to continue their own destiny without interference from outside.34A0EDF0-Uriel1 This focused energy in the physical called Gandhi knew his purpose to set his country free through love of self and others.

You can begin to set yourself free also. To know and see yourself worthy to be loved by yourself first, accepted by you just the way you are and attract the love of others through your love. That’s the formula, dear ones. The basis is always love or often in your cases an absence of love.

So today fill your hearts with love and acceptance of self and begin to know your purpose, meaning and value in physical life. To fully love yourself in order to love and serve others. By giving, you receive. By receiving you give. And the circle of energy is complete and so are you.

Know and remember that beginning to think with your hearts can re-focus you into a world of love. For love is the most powerful force in the universe and everything else is merely an absence of it.

So fill yourself with love, dear ones. And watch others drink from that full glass and change your world forever.

Keeper of your planet, through your hearts and love,


Uriel Message #5:

Truth and Hope

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings Beloved People of Earth from the loving, heartfelt force and realm of Uriel.

When all seems lost it is an opportunity to find hope and solution, dear ones.

Your world is filled with so much hopelessness now. So much conflict and separation from yourselves. This is all due to a lack of love within your world. We must remind you at this time, the purpose, the Divine Plan of your planet is to experience love…the highest force in the universe. And that your planet is a supreme experiment in diversity to find that love, thus oneness toward yourself and others.

Each day the forces of love are coming into your world. And each day many of you deny these loving forces because you do not love yourselves enough to accept and receive them. It’s as simple and as complex as that dear ones.

Why is it taking so long to know this truth? Because you have been taught otherwise.

IMG_0207You have been taught from generation to generation that you are not good enough to receive this love. And why is this so? By experiencing what is not true, you shall experience what is true. This is one of the ways you have chosen to learn. You often chose to learn how to be by how not to be. Within the contrast and untruth you reveal the truth to yourself. You discover and know light by the contrast of darkness. You come to know love by the absence of it. For since love is all there is, it cannot not exist. Only your experience of the absence of it for whatever the reasons. And the absence does not make it true.

So it’s all about the truth. The truth of who you are and then you can know why you are here, if you so choose. To know you are creations of the highest vibratory, loving force in the universe. You are a unique portion of that force experiencing itself in the moment of now in your earth realm.

And why are you here? To grow and expand into the value, meaning and purpose of your being here. And you cannot have value, meaning and purpose outside yourself until you know it within yourself. And how do you do this?

By not worrying about the “how”…know who you are and the why and howIMG_0284 will be revealed to you without much effort on your part. This lives within your hearts, not your minds. Your heart knows you are here to express love. And only you are preventing this through a lack of self-love.

Learning “what is” by experiencing “what is not” allows you to choose what is. Focus on what is in each moment of the now and see how your world changes.

Your hearts await you, dear ones. To fully move into your heart space and allow yourself to know what love would do now in each and every moment. And your awareness and actions will be a direct reflection of your love of you.

Just imagine that love is the building block of everything in the universe. Within love lies everything you need to know, be or do. You just need to tap into it. It’s always been there. It’s you who have not been aware of it in order to receive it.

Open your hearts now Dear World and allow the deepest mysteries of your world to be revealed, the inter-connection of everything. You all need your love of self and one another and all things for the cycle of life to be complete. Everyone and everything on/in your planet is connected by the force of love (or not). The vehicle for knowing this is to feel it from within your hearts. Once the feeling becomes a knowing you will remember who you are and re-discover why you are here.


Uriel Message #6:

Your Planet and Love

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings Beloved Earth beings from the consciousness and realm that always focuses upon your planet and all things upon and within it.

IMG_0340Your earth is a living being just like you, dear ones. Made up of all the same parts from the same materials. Your planet has organs, body parts and feelings not separate from your own. You’ve treated your planet like a lifeless, non-feeling thing for many of your earth years. You’ve forgotten that it’s your home in the universe to be loved, honored and protected. But just like yourselves, your treatment of your planet reflects your lack of self-love of yourselves.

And now you’re beginning to realize and know what effects your planet affects you and vice versa. It’s all inner-connected. And only through loving yourselves can you save your planet from your destruction of it. How you treat your planet is a mirror of how you treat yourself and each other. That’s why the processing of the “me” to get to the “we” is so vital now. Only till you truly love yourselves can you love your world and all things upon it

This is an excellent example of how love is the glue that holds everything in the universe together. For without love all things collapse and fall apart. It’s the key ingredient in the recipe of life.

Through the possible destruction of your planet and home, the truth of who you are and why you are here can come to you, if you so choose.

You are here to learn to love and support and serve one another. And this relationship with the self has stood in the way of this.

So we remind you again at this most important time in your world to know the importance of love. It ain’t just a lyric in a pop song. It can mean survival or not.

Awaken your hearts and souls to the importance of love now. Stop and askIMG_0183 what would love do now in each moment of the now. And follow your heart in saving your world and all things upon and within it, dear ones.

Love, love, love can create a relationship with yourself that spread out into your world creating harmony and equality and sharing for all.

So once again, we remind you. It all begins with you and the “mirror” of you out there…



Uriel Message #7:

Higher Realm’s Messages and Support

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

IMG_0012Greetings Beloved Channel of the realm of Uriel. Today we would like to speak about commitment to the task-at-hand of being a conscious channel for we of Uriel.

It is our plan for our messages and teachers to be revealed into your world at this time. We are aware of your Angel News Network website and know that our messages will be sent out into your world. That all is a preparation for that glorious moment for a collection of angelic messages to be sent at the same time, revealing the abilities to experience other realms at the same time in your realm. This is necessary at this moment in the evolution of your species. You shall come to know you are not all there is, that there are forces of creation beyond your physical world that create and support your limited view of the universe. This limited view must be expanded in order for you to understand yourselves more fully. By knowing there are other beings it will assist you in better understanding yourselves. For far too long you have believed you are all there is. At one time you believed you were the center of the universe that your sun revolved around your planet.

Dear ones you are a tiny, yet important part of the universe. You are an especially important experiment in diversity and unity. Your planet is teeming with life forms, many you have not even known yet. And yet your ego minds wish to keep you separated and a part from yourselves and others. Through knowing what is not true you shall now know what is true, dear ones. It’s the way you have chosen to learn. Not always an easy way, but your own way.

You are now collectively beginning to realize that everything, everyone on your planet, is inter-connected. All things affect the other. By knowing and loving yourself, you know and love others.

You are gathering a “white army” of light workers to know, to share, to be the truth of who you are and why you are here.IMG_0180

You are divine spiritual beings having a physical experience within diversity to find unity from the same source, dear ones. This one sentence is your reason to be or not to be. And through this being you can create wonderful “doingnesses.” A lot of your doing is just “do-do” right now.

To know the unseen portions of you that create the seen portions of you is essential now. You’ve lived in matter exclusively long enough. And it doesn’t matter anymore. It always only matters in matter.

So Dear Channel and others reading, as we come together again at this time, remember your commitment to us, to yourself and your world service. For as our Beloved Michael has said, there is no other true path but world service. For staying trapped within yourself will not allow growth and expansion, only greed and imbalance.

Some of you have come to realize it’s about the distribution of abundance, not the accumulation of it that matters in matter. And as those give, they shall receive beyond untold measure.


Uriel Message #8:

Children of the Awakened Heart

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings Beloved Earth-Beings once again we come to you from the Light-being-ness, you know as Uriel. A realm of consciousness and awakening to the truth of who you are and why you are here.

You are indeed Children of Our Light, your light that is moving from your minds into your hearts. For only through your heart can the light fully enter and awaken you all from a deep/long sleep: To become children of the awakened heart from a sleep that now has come to an end. It is an awakening that must come in order for you to fully know whom you are and why you are here.

We have recently spoken about the illusion of time and the star realms seedings that began your planet. These truths and wisdoms are a further preparation of you knowing and loving yourselves. To begin to know first hand the “mechanics” of how the universe operates.

PIA04226Since you are a micro of the macro of the universe, everything must begin with you loving and knowing yourself, then that awareness can spread out into your world and even beyond it, dear ones.

For far too long you have not been aware that you are the universe, in effect. That the universe would be incomplete without each and every one of your uniquenesses. Once you begin to comprehend that you are the forces of the universe expressing itself, you will begin to know your power and purpose. You are god experiencing itself, dear ones.

Your God Power is that you are fully creating your reality in each moment of the now through your thoughts. That’s how powerful you are! Your purpose is to fully express your greatness through love of self and others.

You are now becoming awake and aware of this reality. This is necessary at this time in order for mankind to move further toward its divine plan. And what is that plan?

Through all of your diversity, find the connection to the single source you are all created from. Once you fully know this source and your connection to it, you move deeply toward it, into its vibratory influence. At that moment you become one with everything and you know and feel the inner-connection of everything where separation is no longer possible, only love and unity.

Can you image what a world of love and unity would be like, where the interest of the self no longer rules supreme, where the equation of giving=receiving is in full balance, where you know the connection of everything? There are worlds like this that exist in the universe. And they, too, went through their evolutionary path to achieve consciousness and their greatness.

There have been civilizations on your planet that almost achieved this. AndIMG_0526 when they knew their power, they abused it and destroyed themselves. That’s why it’s taken many epochs to again get your species ready to know your power and purpose again. Then the choice arises again: to abuse it or use it for all mankind.

We raise these issues at this time to remind you, as the wisdoms of the universe are revealed, they can be misused, if enough of you are not fully consciousness to prevent it.

It is not about the individual but all. Think with your hearts, dear ones, not your minds. True power is love, not greed. But you must love and understand yourself fully to prevent power from becoming greed.

The foundation of yourselves is being laid. The cement is drying. Let’s see what you build upon it. You have a freedom of choice and will. Know we are guiding and supporting each step of your way, dear ones. And the final choice is always yours.

Lightheartedly, Uriel.

Uriel Message #9:

Moment of Now

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings from the Be-Loved consciousness and en-“light” en-ment of the realm referred to as Uriel, in your earth realm.

At this time, we would like to talk to you about “time” or should we say the WarpedClockillusion of time. Time is a “creation” of your physical, third dimension so you may experience yourselves more fully. But the creation of time is a myth, a fiction, a non-reality. For within your time there is a “past” and a “future” when in reality there is only now (containing all time).

And it is human’s focus upon the past and future and the inability to focus upon the reality of now that creates much of the imbalances, separation and foolishness within your world.

Much of your existence is focused upon the past, worrying about what could have been, what should have been, or focusing on the future projecting what might happen, what will happen. Neither is reality, dear ones. For in each moment of the “now” you are given (it is your divine right to receive) exactly what you need (not what you always want).

Stop and think about it. You’ve always received in each moment of the now of your life what you need. You always have, you always will. It’s most often your thoughts about your fictitious past and future that get in the way of experiencing the now, the only true reality there is.

So how can you better enable yourselves to focus upon the now and not the past and future? By truly experiencing the now fully. Stop, breath, see what you are seeing, taste what you are tasting, know what you are thinking and feeling…become conscious and now know the now!

Fill your heart with gratitude for the now. For in each moment of it, you are fully loved and supported always. Only your non-belief in this prevents it.

Only your lack of self-love prevents the now from existing.

Other = N-O-W (no other way)

In reality there is “no other way” (now) than now. Know this truth, and you’ll set yourselves free from the prisons of the past and future, prisons that kept you behind bars long enough, dear ones. The doors to that prison have always been open in the moment of now.

Begin living NOW and know the only reality there really is by stepping outside that prison door and acknowledging each moment of the now, bringing you all you’ve ever needed or will need.

Trust in yourself. It requires trust to fully know that you don’t need anything else but the now. The rest of your “time thinking” is not serving you, dear ones.

As more of you begin to experience multi-dimensional realms directly, and you remember/realize that everything is happening at the same time, the now will make more sense.

The ability to be vessels and messengers of other realms allows you to fully experience the now. That’s why it’s happening now. Get it?

Through other realms you’ll realize they are all happening at once and that the past and future are an illusion.


Uriel Message #10:

Ready and Prepared

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Good day from the angelic energy and realm of our consciousness known as Uriel in your earth plane.

These are exciting days for your planet, beloved humans. We and many of you have been preparing for this moment in your earth time for quite some time.

It has taken a great deal of readiness and preparation, you might say. You have had to “advance” to a certain vibration of consciousness for what is about to unfold to happen. It has been a “concerted” effort on our and your parts to see these necessary changes happen in your world.

You first had to be reminded who you are and why you are here in order to effect the change. You are multi-dimensional beings (spirit and physicalLightworker) believing you are living in a third dimensional realm. But in fact you’ve been living in several realms at the same time all along. You just most often were not aware of it. You’ve had a hint of it when you sleep and go into the 4th astral dimension or when you have a near death experience and come back and remember some of what you experienced.

You are now being prepared to experience in an awakened state others realms. These realms created you, maintain and sustain you now, and are working very hard to assist you in moving into your full divine plan of love and oneness. You’ve had to experience a lot of separation from yourself and others to know this oneness now. It’s how you chose to learn. The most important lesson has been love of self in order to love others. This has been the major imbalance upon your planet. It has created your greed and wars and separation from one another.

Now you are realizing you are all divine, diversified expressions of the same source. And you are becoming “super mutts,” as Gabriel has told you. As your races complete their genetic mix through interracial unions you truly and literally are producing the oneness you need to achieve in order to advance.

IMG_0244Once this consciousness is fully in place you will be able to know and experience directly the forces that have created you. But up until now you have not been able to experience us fully due to your low vibration of consciousness/awareness. You cannot know what you cannot conceive.

Now that you are ready and beginning to experience us, things will and can happen at a faster pace. You’ll be able to manifest change more quickly in order to unite and prevent the destruction of yourselves.

These are indeed “good days” as we began in this message. You now know the goodness in yourself and others and the connection of the two. You are not alone and you now know this truth. And this truth will set you free from yourselves to know the truth of your being, which is about to change your world in order to incorporate its divine plan of love and oneness. Stay tuned…


Uriel Message #11:

Beloved Channel

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings to our “Be-Loved” channel of the vortex, the energy, the realm of God’s light known as Uriel.

You have had many earth life times to prepare for the work you are about to do. We are “de-lighted” that you have chosen “to be”, in all aspects of your life, a messenger of our wisdom and love for your planet and mankind.

Archangel Raphael

This next year will be an important one for you Dear One. You will move into maximum speed and intention into your work with others and us. Your foundation has been the messages of Gabriel. That is true for most of us. You have opened your heart to receive the lessons and wisdom of Michael. You are now beginning to be exposed to Brother Rafael, as well as the energies of many others and several star realms.

The purpose of all this is so that you fully become into knowing and experiencing whom you are and why you are here. Questions we pose constantly until you all fully know the answers.

You are now a teacher of our wisdoms so that others will more fully be able to answer these two critical questions. You have completed enough of your “me” focus to now make the “we” more important than the old addictions that no longer serve you nor others.

The Angel News Network new group order is a proxy for the world service to be done. You three co-founders will create a foundation of all of the lessons and wisdoms you have chosen to receive to be given to mankind. Can there be any more important work for you, dear ones?

It is time to move yourself and others forward into the truth of your existence. Much is being revealed. Much more is to come. Few of the many will accept the task-at-hand and take our love of you into themselves and their world.

But change is all there is and it doesn’t take too many to reach critical mass and effect the necessary changes to save you from yourselves.

Never before in the history of your planet have you received so much assistance from the angelic and star realms. You have the best chance ever to make a go of it, dear ones…to return love of self and others into your world so you may achieve your full individual and planetary divine plans (all connected to God Power’s divine plan).

So as you focus on the day you came into this world, two days after the close of World War II, you can commit and intent that there shall never be that type of separation again, that was created through lies and deceit creating fear in the masses in order to control them for the benefit of the few.

At a time when most humans chose aging and disease you have chosen truth and love. We welcome you to the realm of truth and love you child of the awakened heart, you child of light, you child of God Power.

Now chose the use of your energies left upon your world wisely in order to be the master teacher you chose to be.


Uriel Message #12:

If Not Now, When?

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings from the “Be-Loved” vortex and energy and consciousness of Uriel. Today we would like to speak about “If not now, when?” There is only now, dear ones. You have had your illusionary past and future effect you long enough. They have not served you well into moving into your purpose for being here, the past and future that is. It is necessary now for you to become aware of multi-dimensional realms in order to know that your time is an Flameillusion that no longer serves you fully. There is a fluid in your spine that is being activated that allows, those who chose it, to experience and know now-ness by experiencing other dimensions rather than the one you thought only existed.

Once you are better able to move into now-ness, you can better be able to effect the necessary changes in your world to allow you to move into your divine plan as humans. A plan so glorious, motivated by love. This plan is allowing you to more fully love yourself, thus others and begin to end the separation in your world. The separation from your authentic self, thus others.

In the now is the true you, dear ones. You can no longer blame the past and future on what is not. The now is what is. And what is that you are a divine spiritual being having this human experience learning to truly embrace your divinity. Divinity does not include killing one another through your wars and having a few of you controlling the wealth and resources of your planet so many go without. When you learn to go within, you will learn you do not have to go without. For within is now. And in the moment of now it is your divine right to receive all you need. Only the not giving to others has created your not receiving and your accepting you are worthy enough to receive.

Right now dear ones you can chose to balance the equation of giving=receiving and allow the eternal abundance of the universe to unfold within each of you.

Now is now, dear ones. The word consciousness contains the letters “I-O-U” (consc “I-O-U” ness). The “I” is “U.” This means YOU OWE YOU awareness, the consciousness to be pre-sent to be now. And within this now-ness and awareness you will discover/remember you are the creator of your life, your world, your universe, dear ones!

“K-NOW-ingly” yours,


Uriel Message #13:


Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings from the loving consciousness of Uriel, at this most glorious time in your earth’s history. Presently we would like to speak to you about commitment – commitment to yourself and others.

Without commitment to yourself, you cannot have a commitment toward/with others, dear ones.

The first commitment is to love yourself, as you would others. But in order to fully love yourself, you must know who you are and why you are here. Familiar questions that we constantly ask you, dear ones, and ask you, dear ones, questions you are quite tired of hearing. But are you truly hearing them? Are you truly listening, dear ones?

Through your work with our Beloved Michael, we are assisting you to learn who you are and why you are here. There are working tools and lessons being given to you that will facilitate your “remembering” whom you are and why you are here.

These are not easy questions to answer. On the surface they seem obvious, simple and silly questions to ask. But once you go deep within yourselves and truly ask these questions, many will realize they do not know the answers. And not knowing is okay! Dear ones, it’s a beginning to learning and being teachable, to not know.

Many have picked up some metaphysical sound bites on who they are and why they are here, but this is mostly mental masturbation.

So we encourage the investigation of you. Look at yourself like you haveLightworker3 never done so before. Determine what is old and no longer working for you that you can release. Begin to understand and know your tools, talents and gifts and how they can better serve you now, in preparation, for better serving others.

For deep within the commitment to yourself lies the commitment to others. The truth of who you are and why you are here will allow you to transcend yourself through the balancing of giving=receiving.

You are learning (again) many of the mysteries of how the universe and life works. Equations that create and give meaning, value and purpose to this thing called life. These mysteries and teachings are being revealed again so you can remember how magnificent you are! WE ARE BREAKING THE ENERGETIC VORTEX OF THE SHAME OF SELF, dear ones. It has been passed on and served its purpose long enough.

Once each of you come to know who you truly are and why you are here, most of your current world problems will disappear. Unity and non-separation can become the mantra of the day.

You will begin to experience your spiritual aspects DIRECTLY, so you KNOW you are a spiritual being having this human experience. You will begin to experience the balancing of the physical and spiritual. And know you cannot have the seen world without the unseen world (without dogma and control behind this wisdom, dear ones!) Truth, truth, truth, will set you all free from all the untruths you have experienced through most of your planet’s history.

Since your planet is a priority for we of Uriel, we have a keen interest in its survival and success. We are assisting in every way we can.


Now we ask for your commitment to yourself, others and your planet. And see the connection of these three.

So again we ask you to explain to yourself:

1. Who you are?
2. Why are you here?

Don’t use your mind to answer. Just be still, go into your Heartspace and allow the first words you feel, hear or see to be written down. This will be your Soul “dictating” to you who you really are and why you are here. The truth of your commitment lives deep within each one of you, dear ones. And when you feel and know these truths about yourself, there is no going back to the old you. It’s a new day. A new, true you arises into the world, if you so choose.

Love and Light,


Uriel Message #14:


Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings from the Beloved Realm of Uriel, the light of your world.

We once again come to you at this most important time in your planet history. It’s about CHOICE, DEAR ONES. What do you now choose, to move forward with changes in you that are necessary for your planet’s survival, or resist these changes, stay in the old, and die? Harsh words, dear ones, but necessary words. For your world must realize you are at a crossroads of choosing truth or untruth. Knowing the truth of who you are and why you are here, or not.

Many of you are awakening to the light and energies coming into your world assisting the necessary changes. Many shall resist it and stay stuck in the old. But in fact there is no staying in the old. The shift has already begun for humanity. And there are communication systems (cyberspace) in place that,ComputerWoman4 for the first time, allow the truth to be revealed instantly, if you so choose. To see the truth and act upon it. Percentage-wise it won’t take a large number of you to effect the change, a quantum shift, as they say, a shift that allows love of self to move into love of your fellow man as yourself.

Your governments and leaders must reflect this shift. You must see that they do, dear ones. The time of giving your power away is at an end. Only you can prevent or create the necessary shift of love becoming the new exchange. True abundance is manifested through love, dear ones. Now it is time for all to share in the abundance of your planet, not just the few. There’s plenty for all.

So what do you choose right now dear ones? Love of self and others that makes heaven on earth possible or continuation of the old selfish behaviors that mean your destruction? It’s about choosing life or death, isn’t it? Either way the shift will happen. For it is your planet’s divine plan and its time has come, dear ones. Even the ones who die (unseen humanity) will work in the etheric to effect the change. It could be as many as two-thirds of you (seen and unseen), if you choose it. Now that’s a shift!

Be joyous this day has long last come. You’ve all had many life times preparing for it. There are combined forces, like never before at play assisting you. You have the best opportunity ever to pull it off, as they say. So pull away my Dear Humans. Pull yourself into your full spiritual potential of love, for the reason, the divine plan of your planet, is to learn to love. And you’ve hit the central core of this divine plan at this time. So connect your individual divine plan with your planet’s divine plan, which is connected to sources’ divine plan. You’re all part of the plan, dear ones.

Now you remember you are not alone in this effect, you’ve never been alone. We’ve always been there. You are just now ready to know our existence by experiencing your physical and spiritual aspects at the same time. It is time to know who you are and why you are here, dear ones. To truly know it!


Uriel Message #15:


Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings from a high, from the vortex of energy we call Uriel. Peace be with you. Today we wish to talk about the lack of peace upon your (our) planet. This unrest comes from within each human being, a being that is not capable of fully loving itself. It is time for mankind to continue the processing of the “me” in order to uncover its self-love. To fully discover the truth of who and what you truly are: spiritual beings having a human, physical experience. Know the truth of who and what you are and why you are here: to love one another (first and foremost yourself).

What has prevented you all from loving yourselves? It has been taught and passed on from generation to generation through the “shame of self.” You’ve all been carefully taught there are things about yourself that make you “not good enough” in the eyes of yourself, too tall, too thin, too fat, wrong gender, wrong religion, wrong race, too ugly, wrong sexual preference. How many countless ways have you created to keep yourselves separate from yourself and others? This epoch is coming to an end for those who chose it. Many have awakened to the truth of who and what they are. They are remembering they IMG_0012are here to service mankind through honoring all the diversity upon your planet. And to remember it all comes from the same source – a source that created you to more fully know and experience itself now.

You are all in the process of being able to experience the physical reality, along with the non-physical at the same time, to know and experience that you are multi-dimensional beings. This will be your salvation from yourselves, not some religion that attempts to control you through partial truths. You must come to experience it all directly through yourselves, not outside yourselves. All you need to know is within you. You merely need to slow things down, get quiet, go within, find the peace there and take that peace and love outside yourselves to your world. By first honoring yourself and thus others around you who are from the same source as you, dear ones.

You are all unique expressions of the same source. Here to learn to love yourself first and foremost and spread that love outside yourself by accepting whom you and others are, and creating a peaceful place to be just that!

When will you begin to create peace within and outside yourselves? What is preventing it now – anger, depression, fear? Love is all there really is. Your many song lyrics got that part right. Now when will you deeply apply it to yourself and others and not allow unexpressed feelings (trapped in your body) to prevent that love?

It is time to shine a great, bright light upon yourself and your world. Let that light bathe you in the truth of who you are. Take a bath in that light each day. Wash away the untruth about you and your world… that you have passed along for far too many generations now. It is time to stop the madness, the insanity of a lack of self-love that prevents peace from spreading throughout your world.

This “Light Bath” we are speaking of has already exposed many of the hidden Man Powers that have kept you all in the untruth of yourselves, in separation and non-peace. It has been to some’s advantage to keep you in non-peace. They have profited from it for thousands of years. This must come to an end. The way to end it lies within each of you through self-awareness, God Power, and love of self. You have given your power and love away for far too long. When will you stop it? Why not now! Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me (as the song says).

You Are The Light,


Uriel Message #16:

Choose Truth

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Dearly beloved we once again send greetings and love from the vortex of Uriel: your planet’s chief guardian angels.

Throughout the ages we have guided you humans to the truth of who you are and why you are here. This is an especially God-powerful time for your planet and you upon it. It is a time to chose truth or stay in denial. Few of you accept the truth of who you are. And by not knowing that you cannot fully know/understand why you are here. Most of you have been here many times before. And now is an accumulation, if you will, of all those life times, a time to put all the pieces together, to know the whole (of you). You are GodTempelPIA02139_modest experiencing/expressing itself. If God is all there is, then you are God because you a part of the “is.” You are the “is-ness” of it all. Know this truth and set yourselves free from the entire untruth about yourself and others. You are diversified, unique expressions of the same source. We have continued to repeat this many times, so you will one day come to fully know it.

Right now many of you just hear the words and do not believe them. But truly hearing the words is a beginning to knowing them. Only by listening can you begin to know. Your world is full of sounds and words, most of which you shut out, due to overload. There is too much sound that has become noise and become meaningless. Life has become meaningless for many because people have shut out the truth. The truth is not outside yourselves in sound nor noise, it is found within you through silence. You must learn to stop and listen to what’s inside each of you. It’s all in there, you know. All you’ve ever needed to know is deep within each of you. You merely need to stop and listen. And our promise has always been in each moment of the now; you’ll receive exactly what you need (not necessarily what you want). It’s your divine right, your birthright to have your needs met.

72417_165732666787802_324098_nYour planet contains air, fire, water and light. All you need for life. Most of you shut off the air by shutting down your breathing (due to a shame of self, that has been taught). Most of you chose not to drink enough water to hydrate your body.

There is a God Power born into each of you, which is your fire/desire for life. And most of you fear living fully with this force, more than dying.
And finally you are light. Eternal light that never dies, merely changes form. You are light-beings having a human experience in the third dimension of the physical. All that you need is here in these elements, which make life possible upon your planet. Embrace them; use them by accepting them as your divine right.

Dear ones, if you could imagine for one moment how much we love you. Only a lack of self-love prevents you from fully receiving our love and gifts. Open your hearts today to our love, your love and begin fully living a loving life. Once you love and accept yourself you will see the expression of love in everything and everyone upon your planet. Remember the mission of your planet is to learn how to love.

How are you learning to more deeply love and accept yourself today? To dissolve the un-truths about yourself that have been carefully taught. And now can be untaught by you. By knowing the truth of who you are and why you are here.

You are a divine spiritual being having a human experience. Through your humanity you learn who you are (through your mind/thoughts, emotions/body). It’s the only way you can experience life here. But once you fully come to know life here, you come to know it’s not about just you but all of you. For you are all expressions from the same source remembering this together, again.

Blessings, Uriel.

Uriel Message #17:

Where Did You Come From?

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings Divine Beings of Earth from the Archangelic realm you call Uriel.

At this moment we would like to discuss where you came from before your earthly experience. We have spoken a great deal about “light” in past sessions with this channel. Light is the grand creator of all. When, what you might call God, thought “his” thoughts, “he” used light as the tool to manifest another reality (sometimes) in physical form.

As you think about the universe, you are aware there are millions of other worlds within it. You “seeded” your present world from out there. It did notSm_hs-2009-25-d-full_jpg completely begin upon your planet. It began elsewhere. You are also aware, there are many planets circling many stars within a vast universe. You are one of many.

Each of you originated from various star systems with worlds revolving around them. Some of you know that most planets are influenced by one star system only. And it “appears” that way with your planet and star, the sun. But this is not the case.

Your planet was founded by the influences of some twelve star systems, while the other planets in your solar system were influenced/founded by one star each.

This actually makes your planet a “divine experiment” in the cosmos (to have so many star influences).

What was the purpose of all these star systems influencing your planet? It was to create a vast diversity unlike any other world! A divine experiment: through all the diversity these stars would create upon your planet to find the oneness. For even all these stars are from the same source: one universal consciousness, the highest vibratory force in all creation: The Creator.

The diversity of these different star worlds on your planet formed the many races, languages, genders (and there are more than two), nationalities, religions, sexual preferences that have kept you separated from yourself and each other throughout your history.

So the purpose of the “multi-creation” in your world is to find the oneness through all the diversity. You haven’t done a very good job so far. So far the experiment is largely a failure.

So now these truths and wisdoms about your existence are being imparted to you so you may know the truth of who you are (multi-star beings) and why you are here (to find your oneness through diversity).

You are at a critical point in your evolutionary path, dear ones. Choosing love, or non-love. It is time to begin celebrating the diversity amongst you all in order to find the common “one-source” connection to your creator.

How can you best achieve this at this time after so much failure in the past and present? By loving and accepting yourself fully and knowing you are a part of a divine plan to know love. Love is the force that holds all things together, dear ones. Without it, things fall apart. And that’s what’s happening in your world now.

We have come to you at this most precious time to remind you where you came from and your purpose for being here. To remember you are diverse beings of light, unique individuals of whom the universe is made up of each of you… not one more special, nor important than the other.

It is time for you Beings of Light to God-empower yourselves with love, embrace your diversity; honor your oneness from the same source and move into your greatness.

Once you truly know this truth, you can end the separation, greed, wars and dis-ease within your world. You can get on with creating a world where you know what you cause others to experience you experience yourself. That you all have the desire to be loved.

The only thing that has prevented that is a lack of self-love.

Energies and wisdoms are coming into your planet from your originating star systems. This light can assist you in changing your world if you take it into your heart and allow love to be the new currency of exchange. To honor yourself, thus others. To share all things. To support each other.

And when this is in full force, you will become the light and your world will become a star. This is the cycle and secret of the universe revealed.

You Are The Light,


Uriel Message #18:

Seasonal Shift

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings beloved Earth-beings from the realm called Uriel: “you are the light” consciousness.

As your season of summer begins to shift and the light becomes more acute and clear, you are becoming more acute and clear as to who you are and why you are here.

As the energy within the core of your earth begins to reach outward now, it also passes through you, dear ones. As it passes through you it “magnetizes” you with its energy. As you are magnetized, you thus attract the energy/forces coming into your planet (joining the physical and the spiritual/energy). This “season shift” is a micro of the macro of what is happening during this period of your planet’s evolution.

Your entire world is joining the physical (the seen world) with theSupport6 spiritual/energy (the unseen world, that creates the seen world). As these forces form an “energetic cross”, (The physical, the horizontal, the spiritual, the vertical), the truth of who and why you are here is being revealed, for those whose chose it.

Only by experiencing your spiritual aspects directly can you now save your physical being. That is why many of you are beginning to experience multi-dimensional realms beyond the 3rd dimension of the physical into the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensions. Only through directly experiencing these other realms can you now prevent your continued duality, separation and destruction.

Many will resist experiencing these other realms (or their messages) holding on to the “old” like a drug addict to his/her drug. For others it will become too intense and they will chose to leave their bodies and continue working in the spiritual. The remainder will stay in their physical bodies and effect the necessary change by combining/experiencing the physical and the spiritual at the same time, if they so chose.

This is a most exciting time for your planet’s history. Never before have so many been given the choice to directly effect the change so needed in your world.

Many teachers and tools, in additional to the energetic shifts/ assistance from outside your world, are arising in your world to facilitate the change, for those who chose to receive it.

You are loved and supported beyond your comprehensive at this time, dear ones. We know who you are and why you are here and see some of you are aware of this also.

It’s all a choice, through your freedom of will, to chose change…knowing that change is all there is, dear ones. What you resist will persist until change becomes necessarily clear in order to survive.

You Are The Light,


Uriel Message #19:

Lack of Self Love

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings from the vortex, the realm of the consciousness of Uriel.

Do you know why you are here in this Earth plane? To love one another. Someone, long ago, attempted to teach you this. But what has been preventing this is the lack of self-love. Some of you mentally know the only relationship you are having is the one with yourself. Take a look at that relationship now. Is it a loving, accepting relationship? Or are you constantly passing judgments upon yourself, thus others? If you accepted you, if you loved you, you would love another.

If everyone instantly realized they were spiritual beings having a human experience, and chose love of self, what a different world you would have – one without war, without separation from each other. It’s the separation of PIA09178you from you that has caused the separation from others throughout your history. It’s time for this separation to end, if you so choose. But it must begin with you, dear ones. A terrorist blows himself and others up because he sees no purpose, meaning nor value in his life. Suppose this terrorist remembered he was God expressing/experiencing itself. That he is a divine being. Would that change things? We think so. It’s what’s missing in most of you. Not remembering/knowing your divinity. Why do you think we put so much effort into you? Because we know who and what you are, dear ones. We are all from the same source. At different levels of consciousness to our reality.

It is time for mankind to wake up and remember the truth of his being. The truth of why you are here. Why are you here, dear ones? To love yourself, thus others. To receive, accept the talents, gifts given to you to serve others, not just you, but including you, yes. What talents and gifts are you not using right now that could make a difference in your life and that of others? You all have them. Some have chosen to receive them more fully than others, these talents and gifts. That you can choose to receive, or not, can move your world into a world with war, strife, separation. You’ve done this long enough. It does not work. When will you stop it? If you continue you’ll destroy yourselves, again. You’ve done it before, dear ones. Why not learn the lessons now?

Those lessons of self love lead to love of others and serving the whole of humanity. Why not right now?

Receiving and giving the gift of love,


Uriel Message #20:

You Are Limitless Light

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings from the energy and light of Uriel.

Dearly beloved once again we are gathered to know the truth of who you are and why you are here… a very familiar message that is not always easy to assimilate into your reality. There are many distractions within your physical,PIA04228 mental and emotional world that prevent you from remembering the truth of your being. You are all Star Light that can never die, light that travels for eternity from world to world. You started from one source and shall return to that source, always. But where you travel in between is up to you…your journey, your path, as they say. You can do whatever you wish with the light. Be sad, be happy, be rich, be poor. The power of that light is within you all, always.

If you could remember how powerful you are in creating your world, your reality, most would not believe it. But you are that powerful. You can create anything, at anytime. A child knows this but you humans lose this truth as you approach adulthood. You believe the untruth about yourselves that you were taught by others. It is now time to re-teach yourself that you are a light with limitless possibilities. Know this truth and you will set yourselves free from the limitations of your physical mental, and emotional world. Only your thoughts about yourself prevent you from reaching any goal Most of your thoughts creating your reality are not the truth. They were learned falsehoods from others that you can now re-program, if you choose, dear ones.

If you chose to truly know who you are, you will discover this light and power within you. There are many energetic activities happening in your world to assist you all in discovering the true you a you who can learn to lovePIA03519 yourself, thus allowing love of others. Through this improved relationship with you and others, you can more fully give and receive love. You can use your light to first shine upon yourself and then others. Knowing this light is all from the same source. You are merely, diversified expressing of it, learning to love yourselves and each other through giving and receiving. What are you allowing yourself to receive from your world that will more fully allow you to give?

Dearly beloved, we are now speaking about taking charge of yourself.

There is a “charge” within you all to take charge of. A divine God Power that is your birthright to receive, if you choose it. Only separation from your true self has kept you separate from yourself (thus others in turn), learned thoughts and behavior that do not truly reflect who the human species is. You are divine spiritual beings in human “space suits” for a few earth decades at best. And this “space suit” has served as a true disguise for many. It is time to see through the masquerade, the disguise and know the eternal spiritual beings you are.

There are energies and wisdoms coming into your planet that will better allow many to know, to see the truth of who they are and apply it to why they are here. Take charge of yourselves and each other, dear ones. You can no longer live in separation from the truth of your being and survive as a planet, as a species. Your planet has destroyed advanced civilizations before and can do it again; it’s your choice. Life, which is growth and expansion, or destruction and starting over again. Why not get on with it, dear ones. Choose life. Choose love of self and others. And achieve it joyfully without pain that becomes suffering. It all begins with you taking “charge of the charge,” and charging ahead into the truth, dear ones. The truth of who you really are and why you are here. How many of you truly know the answer to these two key questions? Being able to ask the questions is the beginning to the answers.

Love and Light,


Uriel Message #21:

Talk About Love

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings from the realm, the energy, the consciousness of Uriel. Today we would like to speak about LOVE.

Love is the foundation of the Universe. It’s the highest energy force that creates worlds and holds them together. It creates worlds by allowing matter to be manifested into physical form and holds that matter together.

Many of you are remembering how your THOUGHTS/intentions/energy creates your reality. Most of you have received exactly what you asked. You just weren’t aware of it.

If you have a high vibration of self love and love of others in place, things can manifest almost instantly. In fact, much of the new energies coming in make manifestations happen even faster. So BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, ASK FOR.

Be impeccable with your thoughts and words, they are creation. The level of love that you demonstrate and intent allows manifestation. That’s the importance of love. That is why throughout your history, many of us have attempted to teach you LOVE. To love another by loving yourself.

PIA03294Each and every energy/emotion is merely an expression or absence of love. The absence can allow us to know love by not having it, as darkness allows knowledge of light. But we need to always return to the foundation of love in our lives. For without it, world’s can fall into confusion.

You see this in many portions of your world now, the middle East, Africa, and Asia are filled with a lack of self love and love of others (your country is not without it either!). Without this love, people give their power away to others whose focus is not love, but control and greed.

Many of you are being reminded who and what you are so you can recapture love and the control and power of yourself, your life. Once you have a full expression of love in your life, your life becomes service to others, for you know you are all connected through love. You see a new meaning, value and purpose to your life through love.

You are indeed reborn into love of self and thus others.

Lack of love is the main issue with your world now. You cannot have peace and sharing of resources without it. We in the angelic and star realms are assisting you in clearing out many of the past obstacles, which have prevented love. Feminine energies are balancing the masculine ones, as you enter a new cycle of choices, as you pass through the photon belt and soon begin a new 26,000 calendar, your true calendar.

As you learned, 2012 was not the physical end of your world; it is the possible beginning of a new spiritual world that blends the physical and the spiritual so that love can be the focus of your world, so wars can end and your new consciousness can begin to create constructive weather systems rather than destructive ones. You will see the entire planet as a beautiful diversification of the whole (the same source). Instead of trying to eliminate your differences you can begin to celebrate them, if you so choose.

A day of awakening is upon mankind. A new day of choosing to love or not.

Those who do not choose love (of self and others) would no longer receive ourIMG_0207 support. The focus from this point on is on those who choose love in order to effect the necessary change in your world to create a world of order, “harmony” through love. Love will be the new exchange of values, meaning and purpose to you and your world.

So today begin the love affair of your life with you. Realize your gifts and talents that have been given to you by us… use them for mankind through giving and watch what you receive.

Love and Light, Uriel

Uriel Message #22:


Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

We are here to speak the truth to the world. The truth of who and what people are and why they are here. You are here to learn to love yourself and others. It all begins and ends with the relationship of the self. Since you are God experiencing itself know that you are a powerful being of love. And only your thoughts and actions are preventing love from flowing fully throughout your world.

The purpose of this planet is to know and experience love through all the diversity, as a result of your multi-stars influences, a unique and challenging experiment you all signed on to. But we above, at this time in your earth history, are sending forces of energy that can maintain and sustain you into your next planetary stage of acceptance of self and others

Many teachers and masters are among you and more are coming to assist in this evolution of your planet.

You have choices possible now have never been available before. Choices that can create a world without separation and conflict. And it all must start with a love of self. Once you remember how to love yourself fully, you will better be able to begin honoring those around you and your home planetPIA13239 Earth. Your planet will not allow any further assault without dire consequences to you humans. Know this truth and it will set you free from future destructive behavior to yourselves and planet.

There are many books, courses and masters available now to further your personal growth. Say “yes” to them and you say yes to your survival. This survival can insure an advanced culture beyond your present imagination; a world where laws and restrictions and wars will become obsolete, a world where you will see yourselves achieving self-mastery through unity.

We are Uriel

Uriel Message #23:


Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings from on high. This is the day of our creator a day of THANKSGIVING and receiving.

Dearly beloved we are gathered here to remind you of who you are and why you are here. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life. Know this truth and this truth will set you free, free from the imprisonment of the self. You have all been imprisoned long enough. It is now time to break out. Set yourself free from yourself and thus others who have kept you in their control far too long. Many of you have given your power away to those very willing to take control of your thoughts and lives. That time has come to an end. The few will no longer control the many. The powerful will no longer control the weak, the rich the poor, if you choose not.

Only through love of self can you prevent others from not loving you. It is time to heal the inner wounded child in each of you, thus humanity at large. The strength to do this is coming from above and below. Below deep in the core of your earth and above from the angelic realm and your creator. Mankind is being given a choice now like never before to choose love of self in order to achieve love of others. You are all here merely to learn to love dear ones. And it must begin with the individual, the God Power of one, dear ones. That oneness will heal your entire world if you let it. Only you can prevent it, no other truly has that power over you; you have simply given that power away to others. It is time to stop that, to stop the further destruction of you and your world dear ones. Simply chose love. Starting with self-love.


Archangel Michael

Gabriel and Michael have set forth many tools to allow the investigation of the self. It is now time for those tools to go firmly out into your world. Teacher souls are being prepared each and every day. Babies are being born fully equipped for this task, the task to save yourselves from yourselves. You have a freedom of choice, you know dear ones. We can only do so much and we are doing a lot. More events are taking place in your world than ever before to assist in your abilities to survive yourselves, transcend yourselves, find yourself and your place in your world. A place of world service, beginning with you… through you into the “we” from the “me.”

Archangel Gabriel

Each of you has been given a unique contribution to make, if you choose it. The universe would be incomplete without each and every one of you, dear
There’s a reason each of you are here. You are God Power experiencing itself, the body, emotions and thoughts of God expressing itself. God fully knows itself through each of you. Know this truth and you will be free of all the shame that has been passed down upon you throughout the ages. It is time for this shame of self to stop. It no longer serves any purpose. The shame was created so you could find/discover your greatness by knowing smallness. Shame is the other side of God, the dark Man Power side. And we must know the darkness to know the light.

185783_559956044032127_159130688_nThe light is coming into your world like never before. Allow it to enter your heart spaces. Many of your star systems, along with the feminine energies are assisting you now to balance the dominant male power. The male must come to know the feminine within it. As the feminine comes to know the maleness within herself. You see this in your aging process as human. Man becomes more feminine as they age and women more male. These are all aspects of the same thing, male=female, dark=light, solution=problem, shame=love. They are all here to show you your true self. A spiritual being, once again, having a human experience.

It is time to know, to remember, why you are here, where you came from and where you return to when you leave the physical realm. You are merely remembering that now. Love is the glue that holds everything together. You fall apart and lose your way without it. The foundation is the self-love. That is what is absent in your world now. Love of self. People are crying to be heard, to be loved, to be accepted just the way they are. Not the way someone judges them to be. There is little of the foundation of the self in your world, dear ones.

The divine plan of your planet is through all the diversity to find the unity, the oneness, the non-separation from self and others.

Gabriel has explained your twelve star systems that seeded your planet. This diversity has created many nations, languages, religions and gender issues that have kept you in separation. It is now time to stop that separation and remember the truth of the commitment each of you made in coming here…through all the diversity to find, to celebrate the diversity, knowing it’s all from the same source. Many of you have heard this many times before and have chosen to do nothing. It’s time to step up the plate and speak your truth and set yourself and your world free from itself, dear ones.

We have assisted you in creating cyberspace, which can break down oldLightworkers patterns of control and allow new thoughts to come forward. It is accessible to many, over-riding the few who seek to continue to control you in separation. This epoch is coming to a close. You can choose, or not, to be a portion of humanity to move your species forward to its greatness, to allow your planet’s unique divine plan to shift the entire universe further into the light of consciousness. Will you accept the challenge, dear ones? Become the part of humanity that stays in human form and begins the shift today (in you).

You Are The Light, Uriel

Uriel Message #24:

Keepers of the Earth

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings from the archangelic realm of Uriel. We are indeed the keeper of your earth and all things upon it. All things large and small, seen and unseen.

Your planet is a unique experiment within the universe. So much diversity has fueled so much separation for far too long. As a force supporting the inter-relationship of all things upon your planet, we feel it necessary to again state the purpose of your planet. It is through all your diversity to find and celebrate your unity from the same source – a God Power that we in the archangelic realm are very connected to. We wish to support and guide you to that connection also.

The path to that connection is through love found in your hearts. For only through love can your species find and remember its value, meaning and purpose. To know whom you are and why you are here.

And it all begins, as we have stated many times before, with the God Power of one: you! For if each of you truly filled your hearts with self love and allowedLightworker4 it to radiate out into your world, you would create a very different experience from the one you are having. For love is the most powerful source in the universe that can only create your greatness.

For far too long, through a lack of love you have celebrated your smallness time and time again.

Your so called religions speak of love, to love your neighbor as yourself. Where is this truly taking place? Where are your spiritual leaders leading the way to the truth? Why are most of your wars and separation a result of your misinterpretation of god? Because they do not love themselves enough to love others. You can only love others to the degree you love and honor yourself, dear ones.

What has prevented this lack of self-love? It is a “mis-teaching” passed on from generation to generation. That’s the bad part. The good part is that if something has been taught it can be untaught. So now as keepers of all things upon and within your earth, we urge you humans to begin teaching the truth of who you are and why you are here, to release the shame and blame of the past.

You are here to love yourselves, in order to love others, to celebrate your diversity by finding your unity through it.

You are indeed at a crossroads beloved humans. To continue old patterns of behavior that can lead to destruction or embrace your true loving selves and create a world of harmony, balancing giving=receiving. Which do you choose?

It’s always about choice through your freedom of will created by your thoughts, dear ones.

So choose love, choose love, choose love of yourself and others by creating a new world based upon love and eliminate the separation and lack of love that permeates your world today.

And if you don’t know how to love yourself and others, seek out a teacher who can remind and teach you. Put that intention forward into the universe and watch what happens.

Open your hearts to love and await the miracles. Become teachable. There are those ready to teach you throughout your earth.

Keeper of the earth, provider of love,

We of Uriel


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