A Life Beyond This Life

By Phillip Elton Collins (chapter from the upcoming book:THE REFOUDING OF AMERICA)



As my twin brother and I floated within the belly of our exotically beautiful small framed mother we had chosen, we instinctively knew these would be the few remaining peaceful days before our birth. Within less than a fortnight humanity would drop the largest nuclear bomb ever on itself, shaking the very foundation of the planet and creation itself.


To make matters even more dramatic, we twins were choosing as our geographical earthly birth place the location of the ancient home of the hidden forces that had attempted to control mankind for eons; a small island off the coast of southeast Georgia, eerily named Jekyll Island. Even as a young child, the name “Jekyll” immediately drew up images of “Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” an island filled with marsh and swamp-gas ghosts and hidden midnight mansion meetings of forces called the Illuminati and cabal. There were rumors of sacred rituals and human sacrifices which flamed the imagination of young twin boys roaming the disconnected island from the mainland.


These two choices, the most deadly planetary explosion ever, birthing next to the epicenter of those who were attempting to worldwide control what they did not create, would set up a soul plan pattern of my life to come…my life would continue to resolve and evolve around ‘new normal’ events, the seen and unseen, sacred journeys to powerful portals, receiving wisdoms from non-human beings, and contrasting this life with (sometimes historically important) past life times.


The largest world war (WW2) that the world had ever seen was finally coming to an end so my twin brother and I felt it was safe to incarnate once again even if it would require (risky at the time) caesarean delivery in order to allow the 10 and 9 pound babies to escape a 90 pound feminine body. Dad bribed medical technicians with food rations so the scarce, necessary X-Rays could be performed to reduce surgical risk. As our energetic souls were entering our physical bodies thorough our first breaths, we were witnessing the thousands of souls that had left their bodies as a result of the war. It was like we were crisscrossing one another on the cosmic pathway of life. These souls kept telepathically echoing, “war does not work,” and that would become imprinted in my being early on. Later when I was on a Navy destroyer headed to war, I knew I could not go and kill fellow human beings, and did not.



My mother, a mix of beauty and brain, was the last of twelve children reared in the Savannah sawgrass environs by a ‘cotton-is-king’ plantation owner and railroad chief Daddy and a somewhat understandably worn-out (deaf) mother. Once visiting Savannah as an adult, it was proclaimed to me by an eighty year old matron of the Georgia Historical Society that I was “royalty” in Savannah as a result of my grandfather who had achieved so much in Savannah and died before I was born. My Dad was an orphan abandoned by his Mother when his master-degreed school principal father died when he was six years old. Both my parents were gifted with an universal perspective of life, without any southern bias, replaced by the ability to succeed and motivated to give others in need an opportunity to also succeed. They never stopped amazing and delighting me with their insight and consciousness with and for life. Both parents remained guiding lights in my life until their last breaths.


Being a “half-breed” of Cherokee and Scot/Irish extraction, Mother was a dark-eyed cross between Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren. Dad was Irish through and through with blonde hair and blue eyes. Our four year older brother appeared to receive none of his mother’s genes which always raised questions in my mind of his origin since my twin brother and I looked so different from him. I was convinced he was from another planet and even to this day I am not sure. My older brother was just older enough that it kept him advanced beyond my twin brother and my reach most of our childhood. My twin brother appeared a full-blooded Indian and I a mutt–mix that often passed for Latin or Jewish. I have come to call and value my ethic mix of Indian and Irish as my double “I” blessings. The Celtic and Native American spirituality seem to freely flow through my veins. Dad’s grandmother was a back-woods Alabama herbalist and healer and there were tales of her many miracles. Sitting next to her bed-ridden state as a young child, she and I both knew her gifts had been passed to me.

Dad had moved us from South Georgia to the west coast of Florida since he needed the deep water ports of Tampa Bay to expand his food processing business. The Florida weather also promised to help my oldest brother with his asthma which he most likely developed to attempt to gain some attention from the twins. After all, my older brother had ruled the house prior to two others so seemingly different in so many ways coming into the house.


Perhaps it was the ‘bomb blast’ which my twin brother and I came into this world with that caused our first few years to be united as one persona; he the motor aspect, doing all the physical things like climbing up the cabinets to get the cookies., and me the mental, telling time and figuring things out. Whatever the cause, the doctors of the day thought it best to separate us into separate bedrooms and school classes. So from third grade on we were with separate friends and experiences and encouraged at home to play apart. The last and most intimate thing we did together was discovering our sexuality, and that too took different directions as karmic fate would decree.


We grew up without having a father for my father’s definition of being a good father was being a great provider, which he did extremely well becoming a successful pioneer in food processing by building an empire whose production techniques are still widely used today. Mother’s generation did not focus on personal careers, thus homemaking and child rearing was the life plan. Rearing three boys, early on it became clear that Mom was not to become the conventional Mom. Her attention and intention (with plenty of financial resources) was to make our childhoods as exciting and fun as possible. Kidnapping us from midweek school to take us to the weekend lake house and becoming our friends best friend was standard growing up fare. Many childhood adult friends today still remember the wonderful antics and memories of Mom. She would at the slightest urging put on the recording of “Tits and Ass” from the Broadway play Chorus Line and perform the entire number in perfect fare. Living in the same building on West 55th Street in Manhattan, years later I would go on and have an intense love affair with the creator and director of that play, Michael Bennett, even though he was married to a woman and I in a long term relationship. Often as I would be coming in from a late night twist, Barbara Walters, also living on the same floor, would be heading out for early morning hair and makeup for the Today Show.



During high school my focus was being popular and making straight A’s. My twin brother’s focus was motorcycles and girls. After early puberty exploratory sex with my twin brother, staying focused on same-sex continued to be my resonance, and DNA formatting. I began to understand the concept of being “two-spirted” where same sex experiences allowed me to experience male and female equally. This “two-spirited” cultural value was dominate in my mother’s native American heritage. As my twin brother and I realized how different we were becoming, our love and acceptance of our differences grew deeper. We somehow knew the acceptance of our diversity was an important role model for living our lives and that we were aspects of the same whole. I am so thankful for the loving twin conversations we had about this. This would lay another imprint into my future life; a life based upon complete parental support and my acceptance of who I was, free of any guilt or shame. If anyone in high school perceived that I was different from the other boys and intended to act upon this awareness, my very strong and taller twin brother would be quite willing to take them to an upper hand advantage and beat some sense and fear into them. In some ways we were still functioning in a one person persona.


After graduating from higher school with honors and Dad donating enough money that insured me an enrollment at Stetson University I began my college education. My twin brother could have cared less about school and within the Vietnam draft era, and losing his draft deferment, he was quickly drafted into the army with eventfully two tours of duty in war. Prior to heading to Vietnam, my twin made a boot camp stop at the marriage chapel and married his high school sweetheart who was expecting their first child. I am looking at a photograph of my twin and I both during the same period. He in a war zone bunker with a rifle strapped to his partially bare chest in Vietnam and I dressed for ‘Ivy League’ college class. Again could our lives have been more different? And yet through the difference was a profound continued connection and unconditional love. Duality would not separate us.


Our older brother had long graduated from college and gone into the family food processing business, continuing his first born son power struggles with Dad, and maintaining an identity separate from the twins, often nurturing a feeling of not being good enough. Later, not even terminal illness or death would impede this cosmic father/son choreography. They both died without being able to say they loved each other.


When I was a young teenager Mom, Dad and I would fly up to New York City for Broadway shows and the excitement of the city. This was a welcomed change from semi-tropical Tampa Bay, (winter home of the Chicago mafia) even though life was quite wonderful on the west coast of the sunshine state. Walking to our NYC hotel one visit I proclaimed to my parents this was my destined home. Later living in midtown Manhattan for almost fifty years (next door to the hotel my parents and I stayed in) my psychic vision came true. Neither of my brothers cared one bit about joining us in New York or ever coming to see me there. They both preferred to run half-naked blood stained in the woods shooting birds and deer. I know they could have lived in a tent, living off the land with no problem. The only thing I ever killed was a bird by mistake while I was unloading a rifle over my shoulder shooting in the opposite direction.


After being ‘asked to leave’ the southern Baptist atmosphere of Stetson University (we seem to have a conflict of moral and religious values), I transferred to the University of Florida and finished a degree in journalism taught by ex-Madison Avenue guys who had given up or been expelled from Mad Ave. Little did I know at the time I was headed to 285 Madison Avenue, Young & Rubicam, one of the most prestigious ad agencies around.




But before the Big Apple experience could take place I had one Uncle Sam obligation to fulfill. During Vietnam college days it was required to be in the military reserves or drafted. I opted for the Navy since my college roommate and best friend were allowed to be in the “buddy-up” program which meant you went through boot camp basic training and your first tour of duty together. Our basic training took place during the winter at the U. S. Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Unfortunately, for we Floridians in our company who had never seen snow or experienced minus ten below zero weather marching at 4am in the extreme cold mornings did not agree with us. Many fell ill , two died, and having to shave all body hair to avoid the crab infested blankets did not help morale (our heads were already shaved bald). Other parts of our training included jumping from heights into fire-flaming pools of water (holding our ‘family jewels’) and surviving tear gas chambers. The way I kept from going insane was to write a comedy play about it all during my midnight guard duties and sending those scripts home. I don’t know how I found humor in it all but family members said my play was pretty funny. One of my favorite memories is when we had one ‘liberty’ weekend to go into town, our company officer said, “you can do anything but do not go into the gay bars.” In those days it was illegal to be gay in the service. The first gay bar I went into my company officer was there. I did ask him to dance but he refused.


After boot camp I was supposed to have two years active duty. Remember, the Vietnam war and the Bay of Pigs were all raging… I was assigned to a destroyer, the next smallest ship in the fleet after a submarine. On the top bunk my claustrophobic nose touched the bulkhead pipes. To make an extraordinary experience short, one night on top deck guard duty a vision came to me and told me this was not my destiny, and to go home. This would be the first of many other worldly beings happenings in my life. I did go home. Having no further contact with the navy, I received a general discharge from the Navy six weeks later. There was never any further explanation. I still look back at this in awe.


After ‘military service’ and college graduation, as I always knew, I headed to New York City with a one way air ticket and $250 in my pocket, my Navy duffle bag packed full, no job, a temporary place to stay and no support from my parents who wished me to stay home and go into the family business. As I looked down from my plane window at Tampa Bay, tears flowed for I knew I was to never return to a place that had been my wonderful everything and yet somehow not enough. There was an ancient pulling within me to surrender to the unknown and allow all possibilities and probabilities to come forth.


After two separate Red Cross knocks on the Tampa homestead door saying twin brother Bill had been seriously wounded, “my other half” returned home with the purple cross, Medal of Honor and a war torn mind and body. Dad quickly scooped him up and together they headed to start some new ventures in the wild Cajun country of Louisiana. It would in those bayous, where we once also briefly lived as children while Dad was starting another enterprise that my twin would separate from his body through a motorcycle accident. At this point in his 29 year old life he had a young wife, a son six and a daughter four.




Settled in my first midtown New York City apartment, across the street from City Center, I jumped up in the middle of the night and told my first lover and partner of what would be some 28 years together that my twin was dead. A part of me had separated from myself. An hour later the phone rang and Mother confirmed my dreadful vision. Weeks later I would develop an acute viral infection and felt I was to join my brother but that was not to be.


My first partner worked at the Film Society of Lincoln Center where the New York Film Festival was produced bringing foreign films into the American film scene and where they produced a Spring Gala each year to tribute some worthy film director, producer or actors.


During my almost three decade close encounter with these cultural events I met and spent personal time with some of the world’s most talented people. It was so exciting to bring Charlie Chaplin back to the States for the first time after being exiled or tributing Elizabeth Taylor after she returned from the Betty Ford clinic or picking Ginger Rogers up at the airport and seeing an eighty year old actress jump into our Jeep. Audrey Hepburn insisted on walking our Fox terrier around Fifth Avenue when we got her settled in her hotel room and I shall never forget how fragile Bette Davis was through the entire tribute. Being with these famous people allowed me to lose any fear of being with successful, talented people and to recognize I too had something to give to this world.


Going back home to Tampa to lay my twin’s broken remains to rest and to face my parents, his young wife and two younger children’s loss was overwhelming. I put my grief aside and focused on the needs of others. It would be years later before I came to terms with my own loss. It’s a tough duty to tell your twin’s two children that their Dad is dead. I was reared by a father who had lost his father at the same age these children were losing theirs. I knew only too well what the loss would come to mean. Thank God I did not know at the time this would be the beginning of all my immediate biological family leaving this dimension. Today I am the “only one left standing” with the majority of my immediate, intimate connections in this life being with higher realm beings, some once human beings. Perhaps all my human loss was to prepare me for the gift of another higher frequency family.


After looking tired and unusually old upon my arrival home, the next morning home my mother entered my childhood bedroom fresh and alert with her usual beautiful self returned. “He just came to me and we had a sweet visit. He is where he needs to be,” she calmly explained. I knew without asking that my twin had gifted the mother he adored with an astral visit in order to ease her pain. The day of the funeral Mom wore a bright yellow suit and felt no need to go to the grave after the service. “He isn’t there,” she knew from first hand, or should I say face to face visit. This would be the first of two later appearances (with me present) my twin would make prior to the continuation of his spiritual journey. The contents of all three visits pertained to the care of his children. These other worldly experiences with my twin proved to me there was life after life and you could make contact with it. My destiny was to make further contact with even higher frequencies than those who had departed this world.

Looking down on my twin brothers tomb stone with my (our) birthday carved into the stone was a memorable moment and reflection into my mortality. I would come to know all this was an exercise in me knowing that there was much more to life than this lifetime or this dimension.




Painfully, but knowing I must, I returned to my chosen home New York City (NYC) to continue a soul path journey as incredible as any fiction story. And ironically enough I would end up closely working with two of the greatest fiction storytellers of our time, film directors George Lucas, and Ridley Scott. Later I would learn that NYC was a powerful spiritual portal/vortex whose energy was empowering, way showing me forward on my soul’s mission.


For over four decades I devotedly worked with many gifted, talented and successful (and dare I say famous) people within the advertising agency and TV commercial production industries. At the end of that working experience, I thought I would morph into quiet. I was going to morph alright but it would not end or be quiet; in fact it seemed it would never stop talking after publishing multiple books, initiating sacred journeys and acting as proxies for humanity, becoming a channel of higher realms, establishing a metaphysical school, facilitating Ascension Chair Ceremonies, creating radio shows that dealt with higher realm perspectives on current events, writing poetry that contained formulas to change the world and constantly receiving and teaching advanced wisdom that may or may not be accepted or aborted in this life time. (To see the totality of these you can visit PhillipEltonCollins.com). The most current endeavor is this one with St Germain and my dear longtime friend and colleague Joel Anastasi. Even though I am married to another man, Joel and our four decade friendship has always been filled with deep affection for one another, curiosity for the truth, and spiritual wisdom. We initially met in a post graduate program called LIFE PLANNING. And I sense we have been planning ever since. This Re-founding America endeavor has also brought a new understanding to our karmic relationship realizing we have been past life brothers more than once, as Adama, the father of humanity and our biological father explained to us.. Now we three (St Germain, Joel and I) are fearlessly taking on the task of explaining how and why the United States of America was created, what its world mission is and how to protect and insure the “Divine Plan” of this country remains in Divine Order as we grow and expand ourselves.




My advertising career began in the heady Madison Avenue/Mad Man days of advertising in the early 1970’s at the top of the ad game pyramid at Young & Rubicam Advertising, (Y&R) 285 Madison Avenue. These times were later depicted in popular TV shows. Y&R had the most prestigious accounts, creativity and billings of the day. It was a great place to work if your family could afford to send you there since their low starting salaries reflected their competitive entry value. Beyond the three martinis, two hour lunches consumed in the haze of cigarette smoke I would build a foundation of things to come, and overcome. As a young account executive I was assigned to Eastern Airlines, the official airline of Walt Disney World which was being built in the swamps of central Florida. One of my responsibilities was keeping up with Orson Wells who was doing the voice overs for Eastern. Mr. Wells was not too happy having to do these commercials to financially survive after having had a stellar career in motion films. It was not unusual to find him in a ‘wasted’ condition which actually only improved the tenor of his massive voice. Even though I had recently left Florida and was not anxious to return I was excited to be a part of building one of the largest amusement parks in the world. When I transferred to the creative department I had the privilege to work with some of the leading photographers of the day such as Richard Avelon and many film directors, many of who I knew through Lincoln Center and later would work with through one of the film companies of which I was associated.


After almost a decade of trying very hard to fit into corporate America, changing departments four times (media to sales promotion to account management to creative) Y&R and I finally realized the advertising agency side of the business was not in my soul plan. But a formidable foundation of knowledge had been gained, now to create another way to apply it.



After leaving the ad agency side of the business, I quickly enrolled in New York University’s film school with plans to jump to the other side of the ad business (producing TV commercials) where the agency would become a client. Some of my film school teachers would go on to become acclaimed filmmakers. Some I would later encounter at their tribute at Lincoln Center. Martin Scorsese was my primary instructor. Once again, I was in the right place at the right time.




Becoming an active member of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP), and being an ambitious brat while developing a standardized bid form for all productions, I met already well known British film directors Ridley and Tony Scott. (Ridley is still directing one block buster after another). They wished to escape the high tax system in the UK and come to America. Soon I found a financial backer and together with many other English and European film directors we began a company I named Fairbanks Films. Soon I was building a film studio in the land-marked “Ice Cream Wedding Cake” building at 141 Fifth Avenue. In total, I brought some twelve international film directors and their wives, children and mistresses into this country. My attorney and I were familiar faces at the immigration department proving America could not live without these talents within our boundaries. In less than a year we captured the American commercial film market with outstanding fresh lighting and inventive director cuts. Fairbanks Films produced for Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs, the still famous “1984 TV Commercial” that launched the personal computer age to the world. Today this commercial remains the most successful spot ever made. Steve Jobs, as you look down on us I know you continue to be proud of the work we did together. We had to take the production to England since at the time Apple was hot to fire the man who had founded Apple.


After many successful years and creating five spin off companies from Fairbanks Films, we closed the parent company. It was time to create a new venture.



Knock, knock whose there? Lucas films.

After the motion film industry, commercial film production is one of the most lucrative businesses in film. So to fill in gaps in motion film schedules, the folks at Lucas films wanted their way into the commercial film business. Bingo, I am your man. As director of marketing for Industrial Light & Magic Commercials/Lucas films my job was to introduce and explain how the extraordinary visual effects technology the Lucas folks had created could be applied within advertising. I traveled the country and the world making presentations to thousands of people eager to apply this new visual world. Feature films such Jurassic Park often created ever newer technologies

which could be applied in commercials. Being a forerunner, in the beginning we were the only studio with these ‘wizard’ abilities. But it did not take long for other companies to jump on the wagon, and for it to become a competitive market. If you had enough time and money we could achieve almost any visual effect, eliminating the threat of loss of life during a shoot. I had lost a couple of lives on shoots and knew what that felt like and what the consequences were. Lucas films also had a staff of live-action film directors such as Jim Cameron who was waiting in the wings for even newer technology to allow needed visuals for AVATAR.




We changed commercial film production forever, producing thousands of spots worldwide. My swan song for leaving the industry was producing the largest commercial ever made for Ford Motor Company. The budget was $11 million dollars (the average spot cost $350K), shooting on five of the seven continents. The somewhat spiritual spot played all over the world in a ‘roadblock’ media buy and even included a woman dying on camera. Many of these short thirty and sixty second films became household icons, changing our language and culture.




During my three plus decades in the advertising and commercial film production businesses I got to know and see the planet close up traveling hundreds of thousands of miles per year. It was more than anyone could ask of a career. So when it came time to say “enough is enough” I would surely be ready for a more peaceful and quiet lifestyle. Wrong! This wasn’t the ending of something big, it was the beginning of something ever larger, if in fact eternal.


If you are in the film production business you get to know California really well due to the good weather and studios available. Or at least I thought I knew California well. Fairbanks Films was my ‘finishing’ school with production offices in Southern California and the Lucas films organization provided my Northern California final training with our studios in Marin County. George Lucas preferred Northern California to the south, not resonating with the Hollywood culture and value.


While commuting to Northern California from my NYC office for Lucas films, I often took weekend time to explore the wonders and beauty of the west; a nice respite from midtown New York.

On one synchronic trip Joel joined me to explore and drive as far as the road would allow to the near peak of Mount Shasta, just south of the Oregon border. Mount Shasta is an essential part of the Cascade Mountains, a dramatic volcanic range that snakes its way into Canada: The size and grandeur of this ‘mother of mountains’ was amazing; you could see and feel it a hundred miles away. I thought at the time enjoying this geological wonder was enough? I would later learn otherwise. Ten years later, Joel and I would return, awake and transformed to what this mountain really was for another mission all together…being proxies for humanity. What in the world was that ?!


It is written somewhere that as we grow older and get closer to leaving this world, we may become more spiritually conscious, closer to eternity as women become more masculine and men more feminine balancing these two fundamental energies.


As the advertising door was closing, my soul plan was opening another door I could only partially imagine. It was time to surrender to the unknown again. And oh how our minds hate surrendering to something it cannot figure out.


Filmmakers are often multifaceted people (my later work would certainly support this). Once during my early days in New York while working with one of my film directors on a project, I developed a cold and shared my great grandmother’s healing arts background. My film director colleague immediately suggested that I see his ‘alternative’ medical doctor. This film director friend sensed I was yearning to experience something else within myself. There was more to cure within me than a cold. The doctor I saw was a rare mix of psychiatrist, acupuncturist and homeopath. Sensing I was there for more than a cold, it was not long before the patient became a student of alternative medicine. Thus began my training in the healing arts as an acupuncturist and homeopathic medicine practitioner.


Once my transition from advertising began (or should I say transformation), it went rapidly without hesitation. Upon completion of my acupuncturist/homeopath several year training, again I began to sense this was just the beginning of something not the ending. Applied energy was behind all the healing and I wanted to know more about what energy was and how to apply it.


While on a NYC Unity Church retreat again with Joel (see the pattern), he met someone called a Reiki Master therapist. I had no idea who or what this was but it sure resonated within me to find out. Quickly I knew this ‘universal life force energy’ training was the next stop on my path. Another door rapidly opened and we were introduced to one of the leading Reiki Master teachers in NYC. What we did not know about this teacher, Robert Baker, was that he was also a channel of higher realms and much of the teaching would come through a being called Archangel Gabriel. We also had to become personal process therapy patients ourselves as part of our four level Reiki training. This was an intensive multi-years training transmuting into advanced Light Ascension Therapy training. At Sunday night gatherings with others listening to Archangel Gabriel via Robert Baker, I sensed the reinvention/recreation of myself through a broader use of my heightened talents and gifts was about to take place.





Twice synchronistically, on my birthdays in mid August in 1986 and 2016, the planets in our solar system aligned themselves to assist in bringing in a higher consciousness to humanity. These Harmonic Convergences allow the veils between here and the higher realms to become thinner and thinner. During these planetary configurations I have always been led to facilitate ceremonies around these cosmic choreographies, to receive and share whatever the higher realms have to say at those empowering times. At the first convergence, hundreds gathered near my Fire Island home on the beach at sunrise as we seeded the ocean with crystals and joined hands and hearts in a huge circle of love.




While trading healing sessions with fellow student Jeff Fasano, who had begun to channel Archangel Michael, he suddenly began to channel another being who identified himself as Archangel Uriel. Uriel immediately stated that he had been attempting to gain my attention for quite some time and I had been chosen to be a messenger of his frequency. He instructed me with various exercises to be done over a fifty day period and at the end of this to make a decision if I would accept the invitation. Even though this excited me, I had no idea who Uriel was and so began my research. This was to be the beginning of my channeling higher realms! Message after message poured out of me on a daily basis. In my book MAN POWER GOD POWER are many of these early channels, which still contain pertinent ageless wisdoms for today… These wisdoms were brought through me not by me as I had become in service to higher realms. I was also sensing there would be many other realms to support as well…


These higher realms I was connecting with were not unlike the worlds George Lucas brought to the screen. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons my film career included George’s work, to prepare me for what was to come. Anyhow what was transpiring felt organic, extraordinary and natural at the same time, as I came to realize many of Lucas’ stories were real and true. He felt safer in choosing to use fiction. I was choosing to use non-fiction. Would the world be ready for this? I simply did not care. I had to do it the way that felt authentic, true and truthful.


In my book DIVINE DISCUSSIONS: HIGHER REALMS SPEAKING DIRECTLY TO US, I explain exactly how I channel in the chapter entitled “Being A Channel Of Higher Realms.”




Where Joel and I took our Reiki training often put together sacred journeys to various energetic vortices around the planet aligning with specific cosmic configurations. On one particular trip to Egypt, preparing to enter the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid, our teacher Robert began to channel initiations from the Sirian Stargate which contained seven secrets of creation. After receiving these sacred secrets we were sworn to a vow of secrecy. This was very much Star Wars, indeed! I continue to use these wisdoms in my teaching and healing arts work to this day.


Neale Donald Walsh, the author of the “Conversations with God” books was having a workshop at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Joel and I immediately signed up. Neale instantly connected with us and eventually asked us to be part of the management of the foundation the success of his books had created in Ashland, Oregon. After in-depth time with Neale and his organization, Joel and I realized that we needed to continue to be on our own path. Neale helped us realize the self-empowerment involved in connecting with higher realms. Neal chose not to call it channeling but I did. We would later assist in the creation of Children of the Awakened Heart, The Angel News Network, and Divine Discussions. I would later have the inspiration for The Modern Day Mystery School. Within this school I shared the majority of the training we took to become a Light Ascension Therapist, as my connection to various realms increased. Others were encouraged to awaken to being channels as the ‘new normal’ of receiving wisdom outside the human mind.



At the Museum of Art, owned by Nova Southeast University, Ft Lauderdale, with my colleague and friend Dr. David Spangler, I was given the opportunity to connect with an ancient pre-Columbian civilization (that still existed in a higher frequency) and have them directly further explain their culture and unwritten language bringing new information into an existing exhibit. This was the first time academia and art allowed a presentation to bring knowledge in from a source other than the human mind.





Exactly ten years after my first journey to Mount Shasta, I returned there a transformed man. Connecting with an Inner Earth ascended being named Adama, I was led to invite my brethren in The Children of the Awakened Heart to join in a sacred journey upon Mount Shasta where we would serve as proxies to assist in the advancement of humanity while connecting Inner Earth energies with the upper higher realm beings….AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. The recount of this event is in my book COMING HOME TO LEMURIA, AN ASCENSION ADVENTURE STORY. When you read and perform the same rituals we performed, created by Archangel Michael via trance channel Jeff Fasano, you too become proxies. The book has a drafted version of an adapted stage play but I have always seen it as a screenplay with a story more pertinent than Star Wars or Avatar since amazing things take place right here on our own planet. Mount Shasta is one of Saint Germain’s essential earthly homes.


On our journey, we would heal some wounded aspects within ourselves, allowing a stronger connection with higher realms with the intention of finally joining as one. There were many extraordinary events that took place such as a rather large 80-feet wing-spread dragon teaching me about his purpose in being here and needing to hide from human sight at this time. There was a second sacred journey to Mount Shasta to further build upon the connections we made on the first trip. Still on the mountain is a sacred citrine crystal key we hid that opens the energetic door of the Inner Earth to the higher realms. Shall we be returning to open that door once again?




Having become a multi-dimensional channel of higher realms be they archangelic, ascended masterships, star realms that seeded the planet, Inner Earth frequencies, or Akashic Records, the thing I am most thankful for is my gift of being able to open the messages/teachings/tools of these beings to questions and answers (Q&A). This gives individuals an opportunity to truly connect with these realms in a very personal way. Most channels receive a message and it is not followed by allowing the participation of others. When a personal question is asked and the higher realm answer comes, no matter the questions, there is support that applies to everyone in the answer; this is truly a divine discussion. I wish to delineate from the fifth dimensional energies (5D) I am accessing from the fourth dimensional (4D) energies of the psychic/astral realm. The psychic/astral realm is a disembodied reflection of the third dimension (3D) we currently reside within. There is no wisdom or teaching in the 4D realm and it can be filled with mischief since it reflects here and attempts to predict the future. The 5D realms are a higher frequency and they do not interfered with our freedom of choice and will, thus they will not tell you what to you. But they will give you the tools to figure it out for yourself.




From my book GOD’S GLOSSARY: A DIVINE DICTIONARY the Ascension Chair Ceremony is defined as one of the greatest gifts to Earth and to humanity from Ascended Master Saint Germain as a tool to assist the raising of vibration of an ascension candidate. It contains the frequencies of the pure white Light of the Ascension Flame. This is a ceremony that I have been facilitating for years where each candidate receives their own specific support. The support comes from the individual ascension energy each person receives, as well as the community support surrounding the ascension chair and most often each candidate receives an individual message from Saint Germain.




This endeavor called the REFOUNDING OF AMERICA is a mission Joel, Phillip and Saint Germain chose to have happen as an essential aspect of our united soul plans. Through this chapter you can better see how my life’s journey prepared me for this endeavor. Again if you wish more details please refer to PhillipEltonCollins.com.


Each day I sense I am always at the beginning of an ever-growing personal process of discovering self as a reflection of All There Is within an ever expanding and growing universe. If anyone ever tells you what they are being and doing is special, please move away from them as fast as possible. If someone says you have to come to them for an answer, tell them you don’t worship the guru and run the other way. All that is shared here is simply a ‘way showing’ of what we are capable of through our individual unique talents and gifts. All growth is a process of inside out, not outside in. Each one of us is an essential aspect of the whole or we would not be here.