HAPPINESS HANDBOOK, Being Present Is The Present


No matter where you are at present, I think we would all agree that our personal lives and the world as a whole are going through an extraordinary change. It appears that the old way of doing things just does not work anymore and that we are in the process of creating something new, but we don’t quite know what that is going to be or look like yet. We are in process. Maybe the thing that is missing is our “doing” versus our “being.” The phrases is this book are pathways to assist you in creating and finding both the new you and the new world and to help you recognize that this process will be one of moving from the “inside out,” not the “outside in”—the process of learning how to be present.

AngelManWe often decrease the degree of our happiness as a result of not fully knowing who we are and why we are here. Understanding our purpose in being here and expressing this creates great happiness. The phrases in this book reconnect us with our true being.

There are teachings from higher realms (which have loved and supported us for eons) that say, “the mind that believes is moving back into service of the heart that knows.” This means that we are, in fact, learning to “think” with our compassionate hearts. This new way of thinking will allow us to transition from our past- and future-oriented way of thinking into the present. Only within the present can we free ourselves from ourselves and assume our destiny to be divine beings of the present, becoming truly happy. By focusing on the present we free ourselves from the lack and limitation, as well as the duality and confrontation, of the past and future. Even the past and the future were once the present. We can only truly evolve as a species and as a planet by mastering the self-empowerment and happiness of the present.

The “pathway phrases” in this handbook are an integration and culmination of higher-realm teachings (call them what you may) and my training and clinical experience as a light ascension therapist/life coach where I assisted others in moving into happiness and a higher frequency of existence. These phrases are an integration of my words with many ancient teachings. These exact words most likely do not exist anywhere else, but their wisdom has existed forever. Repetition is often used since we learn best through it.

While happiness may be stimulated from the outside, happiness is a natural state within us all that can neither be learned nor taught, but it can be awakened. The purpose of this book is to awaken the fulfillment of your happiness from within.

Each phrase in this handbook contains an “energetic” download/upload to1-Happiness-RandomPage assist you in moving into the happiness of the present. Breathe deeply after reading each phrase to allow it to integrate. Each phrase is a separate teaching that joins in community with all the others. You can read them randomly or straight through. Together all the phrases complete a comprehensive blueprint/template for happiness in the present. Open to a page now, and see what the multiverse wishes to teach you and remind you of in the present. There is no right or wrong way to access the presence within each phrase.

I hereby honor and recognize all who have received these similar teachings before me and simultaneously with me. We are all becoming multi-dimensionally connected. Our resonance and discernment will manifest the circumstances of how, when, where, and why we connect with the teaching we need to master. There is nothing either special or unique about anyone bringing these tools into the world.

My previous books, Coming Home to Lemuria, An Ascension Adventure Story; Sacred Poetry and Mystical Messages, To Change your Life and the World; and Man Power God Power all have the same intention as this book: to assist us in waking up and knowing that we are extraordinary beings who deserve to be happy all the time.

Becoming Present is the new and necessary normal in order to ensure our happiness.


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