ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN, with Phillip Elton Collins

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Each one of us comes to this world with a divine soul plan, a reason and purpose to be here. The tools and teachings within this endeavor are here to assist you in Activating Your Soul Plan. This is a cyber-place of support and guidance from higher realms beyond the human mind; be they angelic, ascended masters, star seeds, Inner Earth Civilizations, I AM Presence or Christ Consciousness. Are we ready to accept and receive this love and support that has always been with us?

The higher realms teachings and tools contained within this cyber-place are a combined product of my reiki and light ascension therapy training, clinical experience and wisdoms , directly received from forces beyond the human mind. Here there are narrative true adventure stories, sacred poetry, phrases of Presence, a divine dictionary, and many channeled teachings and messages to set us free from ourselves. Allow your resonance, discernment and synchronicity to guide you through whatever elements within this web site that you need in your moment of now.

The Light of Source Never Fails,

Phillip Elton Collins

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