Saint Discourse #2: The I AM Presence & The Violet Flame The purpose of this discourse and dialogue is to further reveal two essential tools within your ascension process. You are a wise and eternal being, and you have chosen to incarnate in this time and space to assist with the evolution of[…]

Saint Germain Discourse 7 Podcast  Wonders To Come As You Ascend Listen to Saint Germain’s Discourse 7 from “Saint Germain’s Seven Ascension Discourses.”   Click Here To Purchase “Saint Germain’s Seven Ascension Discourses” for 99 cents!  

  OBSERVING THE HAND OF HIGHER REALMS (In The Creation Of The United States Of America…) By Phillip Elton Collins in concert with St. Germain Many of the creators of The Constitution of the United States were profoundly aware that the document was divinely inspired and that its principles and reality often moved beyond the[…]