How To Create Something Out Of Nothing

(Taken from Divine Discussions with Archangels Gabriel, Archangel Michael
and St. Germaine
channeled by Phillip Elton Collins)


Everything is energy, expressed or not. The void is filled with electromagnetic energy ready to be converted (expressed). Nothing is simply unexpressed energy.

The primary tool we can use to convert unexpressed energy into expressed energy is our relationship with self. Our relationship with self turns unexpressed energy into a force of expression. It is through our relationship with self that we can create something out of nothing.

Life Mastery BookHow can we elevate what we create in order to create the life we want? Archangel Michael tells us in Life Mastery, Creating the Life You Want and the Courage to Live It adapted from messages channeled by Jeff Fasano:

“When you love, honor and value yourself and know who you are, you begin to vibrate at a higher level, drawing people and circumstances to you consistent with the new level of vibration.”

This, of course, reflects the Law Of Attraction as defined in Life Mastery:

“Everything on Earth has an energetic frequency that connects to the frequency that matches it. Energy flows in the direction of and connects with the energy that attracts it. The energy of fear attracts fear. The energy of love attracts love. All energies contained within these two polarities attract similar frequencies.

“In essence, we create what we focus on. So we must chose carefully and be aware of what we focus on. “

Alchemy is the transformation of the old self (the lead) into the new self (the gold) through the mastery of self. “Just one iota of negativity will prevent alchemy thus the creation process,” the higher realms tell us.

You have the formula. Now create the life you want.

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